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Grand jury no bills Wichita Falls police officer in shooting

Wichita Falls Police Department....Grand jury no bills police officer in shooting.
Wichita Falls Police Department....Grand jury no bills police officer in shooting.
Wichita Falls Police Department

A Wichita County grand jury recently cleared Wichita Falls Police Department Officer Chad Nelson in a shooting which occurred on July 3, 2014 on Professional Drive, according to a release from the Wichita Falls Police Department today, Thursday, September 4. The grand jury return a no bill instead of an indictment against the officer, indicating they found no probable cause to believe he had committed an offense.

The situation occurred when the man pulled a gun on several officers as they responded to a call at 5516 Professional Drive Apartment 229, according to a press release issued by John Spragins today of the WFPD. Several 911 calls from neighbors surrounding the apartment resulted in officers being dispatched to the area. Upon arriving at the scene, officers could hear noises emanating from inside the apartment. However, they were unable to see what was happening from their vantage point.

The suspense level increased as the occupants of the apartment initially declined to open the door. After conferring among themselves regarding their options, the officers were about to take decisive action when the door was opened by one of the occupants. When Officer Nelson saw a female appear in the doorway, he quickly acted to protect her. He moved her out of the doorway. Nelson also observed a male with a long gun inside the apartment.

As the gun was pointed in the direction of Officers Nelson and Michael Poirot, the officers realized they were threatened with the possiblity of serious bodily injury to themselves. Nelson then fired a single round which struck the man inside the apartment.

After removing the danger, officers then saved the man's life by providing first aid to him. Officers also immediately called for an ambulance. The internal investigation by the Office of Professional Conduct in nearing its end, according to the release issued by Spragins. The man who was shot survived the shooting.

Manuel Borrego is Chief of Police.

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