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Grand Duchy done with social media

Grand Duchy:social media way over
Grand Duchy:social media way over

Violet Clark, one half of the group Grand Duchy (along with Frank Black/Black Francis) took to Facebook yesterday to declare that "social media isn't what it used to be."

Oh yeah, remember the good old days of social media when it was more social and less media (or was it the other way around?).

Apparently Grand Duchy's now defunct Facebook page got "really really really really weird suddenly . . . half of the followers are just random people." Sort of like what actually happens on Facebook?

Well goodness, where ever will one go to find current news about Grand Duchy? Clark suggests everyone "actually get motivated and google "Grand Duchy" or "Violet Clark" or "Black Franc (sic)" once in awhile." So, here's the hard work done for you.

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