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Grand Cross square formation produces tension and world wide change

This planetary arrangement hasn't occured since apx. 500 years ago
astrodienst derivative

Astrology’ s definition of a grand cross describes a series of oppositional forces coming through in transits consisting of the major planets. As the universe is in constant motion, a continual emphasis of varied energies is reflected in multiple ways. Revolution of peoples, earth disasters, radical actions are mostly seen through world events and leaders. Many come unexpectedly. Citizens of this planet are all susceptible to a driving force to put forth an agenda, or many are preoccupied with having power over someone else. During 2014, four quadrants of planet earth will be affected by the varied gravitational effects of major planets.

The planets involved are Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter, each with a long period of revolution. The long transit periods change gradually with varied effects. With Uranus, the planet of genius, breakthroughs in science are forthcoming. Drones, and rainfall control are two examples. Medical discoveries also advance. Neptune brings themes of spiritual and religious emphasis. Pluto, a small but dense planet is said to cause a drive for gaining power. Jupiter brings in an expansive effect. More research is needed, but the gravitational effects also bring physical changes to mother earth.

Predictions of bad weather events lingered in the air as far back as the 1960’s. Scholars of the Bible also foresee these types of events through biblical prophecy. The most haunting factor is that so many different people through varied sources and locations have come up with the same notions.

The most stunning truism inherent in these predictions is how immense masses of people would be subtracted from the worldwide population. We’ve seen volcanoes, typhoons, tornadoes, and flooding. Considerable numbers of the population have died from genocide and warfare.

Madeline Teagle, former president of a ufology organization, mentioned upon several occasions the losses of population. Less Feldick, a well known Bible teacher, states the same. “People will be dropping dead all around you,” states Feldick.

Madeline Teagle, also a group meditation leader, taught her spiritual aspirants to use this method as a way to cope. If a person gets inwardly aligned in spirit and connection with the universe, the new vibratory network that surrounds us won’t come as a shock. Others too rigid, uninformed, or of ill intent would have difficulty coping. The result ends up with subsequent health problems due to the inherent conflict in wavelength frequencies. Depending on the inception, varied causes of mass death are in the mix.

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