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Grand Cross - major planets juxtaposed bring tension and strife worldwide

Polar opposites are reflected in the cross pattern - conflicting energies
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Aries and the planet of sudden changes, Uranus, are connected directly. Three other signs with like cardinal qualities are Capricorn, Cancer, and Libra. Cardinal defines itself through power.

Each of the four - Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, and Libra are juxtaposed through square and oppositional angles. The state of the world reflects how the angular combinations respective representative planets play a part.

Sun in Aries Square Jupiter

Restlessness and a sense of urgency create a mindset of impatience. This square aspect creates a tendency to possess an unrealistic drive to make things happen immediately. Power struggles are rife. A sense that traditional problem solving methods won’t work. Another consideration is Aries disinterest in tradition despite the fact that the tried and true actually does hold value.

Sun in Aries conjunct Neptune

People need to bond with fellow human beings during a time like this. Difficulties all over the world including dire economic problems call for a reprieve of some kind. Some could find a spiritual bonding with fellow humankind acts as the antidote to seemingly insurmountable problems. Neptune and spirituality go hand in hand. Connecting soul to soul doesn't happen through cerebral channels and Aries has a staunch perception that is often described as " I think - therefore I am. Aries fiery frequency and high intellect combine well with strategic planning.

There are two ways to deal with this transit. A person may choose to argue and fight, or the opposite - seek heart to heart bonding with people in the surround. Stationed in the natural seventh house, this transit concerns relationships.

With Aries, the red hot warrior, there is no shortage of worldwide animosity between or within nations and governments. Neptune influence includes religious themes - either sacred or profane spirituality.

Sun in Aries forms a square aspect with Jupiter

This is a challenge that tests the ability to solve problems. The expansive nature of Jupiter calls for moderation because Aries influence brings a mindset of unrealistic expectations. This mentality can be circumvented through self discipline. Counteract impulse through intelligent and capable action toward problem. Tune in to Aries bequest of analytic frame of mind.

Jupiter's expansive nature magnifies whatever it connects to. Aries penchant for singleness of mind contributes to fanaticism in this case. An interest in social reform takes the form of extremism combines with an inability to consider other people’s feelings and beliefs. Tolerance when dealing with others is necessary in order to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Mercury transits Aries and simultaneously trines Jupiter

This event puts an emphasis on positive thinking and overcoming problems. Unusual methods for problem solving is key.

“In the natural zodiac the cardinal cross covers the four fundamentals. Self (Aries) Partner (Libra), Career (Capricorn) Home life (Cancer.) Important transits that occur within this cross will change the very foundations of our lives.” - Darkstar


A sign of the earth, Capricorn also receives the high impact energy of Uranus. Capricorn's aspect to Neptune brings spirituality. Normally earthbound Capricorn is faced with some cosmic and spiritual issues due to Neptune’s influence. Issues that are unseen and intangible permeate the world of this everyday practical native. Herein lies the struggle for a conservative mindset normally focused on earthbound tangible issues and practical considerations. Imagine a mountain goat suddenly sprouting wings. What would it do?


Libra’s balancing scales may be going haywire on this one. Sudden electrical impulse is difficult to weigh out in the scheme of things. Neptune is in opposition to Libra who only wants to keep things justly in the right place. When Libra receives the Mars effect, indecision becomes a vexing problem.


Home and family life is affected with Cancer's square aspects to the above Aries contact points - with the exception of Jupiter. The planet of expansion, Jupiter, is exclusively favoring Cancer for a couple of years. Though money issues are positive, none of the four cardinal signs are exempt from a high tension arrangement of major planets such as these.

Overall, Jupiter is known for benevolence. Combined with an aspect to these cardinal signs, it's possible that Jupiter will soften some of the harsh aspects involved depending on an individual's natal chart.

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