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Grand Consecration of Sekhmet, Summer Solstice, Irvine, CA - June 22

Sekhmet in Karnak, Egypt
Roy Tate

In jest we laughed and commented how times had changed The newly commissioned life-size and seated statue of Sekhmet, nearly 9 feet tall if standing, was traveling not by Her more ancient traditional means, along the waterways of the Nile aboard a golden barque, but instead along contemporary highways of asphalt and concrete in a padded SUV. Her official procession consisted of several cars of male and female clergy who were on hand to help and witness this important occasion. We imagined all the cars following behind us along the route a part of her sacred entourage.....In the three hours it took to make the journey to her temporary home, The Goddess Temple of Orange County, I remember contemplating Sekhmet’s story and why I believe she is a vital Goddess today’s women and men would benefit from knowing, as we must find the strength, tenacity and courage to change ourselves and save the world.

There is not the plethora of information out there on Sekhmet as one might find on other Egyptian goddesses, and this knowledge gap sometimes leaves Her misunderstood by curious contemporaries understanding little of Sekhmet beyond Her reputation that associates Her with the dangerous heat of the desert and the myths where She would have destroyed humanity had She not been tricked into drinking a sleeping potion. To the casual observer She was danger and destruction personified as She was thought to be the bringer of plagues and might be looked upon as a mercenary of sorts for her father, Re, the Sun God. No wonder people of earlier times, as well as today, might approach Sekhmet with extreme caution - until they find courage to lift her red linen veil and become more acquainted with who I’ve come to call, “The Lady of Tenacity Manifested.”

Sekhmet, whose name is derived from sekhem, means power, but the whole story will soon unfold to tell, she is the power so much in demand today, particularly as an archetype of female empowerment!

Learn more about this great solar Creatrix who created humankind with her tears at the Grand Consecration of Sekhmet held at the Goddess Temple of Orange County's Summer Solstice ritual on Saturday, June 22, from 6:30 - 9:30PM. At this very special evening event there will be ancient recitation, performances, poetry and dance. Many people are flying in from all over to witness the greatest change the Temple has seen since its inception ten years ago. Bear witness as the temple unveils the new, huge, Sekhmet statue, on loan from the collection of Rev. Karen and Roy Tate, on Her step pyramid (being constructed now in a warehouse in Fullerton by a design team) as the centerpoint of the Sanctuary.

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Reservations are very limited. For more information contact:

The GODDESS TEMPLE of Orange County

“the original spirituality of all humanity”

17905 Sky Park Circle #A Irvine CA 92614



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