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Grand cardinal cross spells trouble ahead

Grand Cardinal Cross Looms Dead Ahead
Grand Cardinal Cross Looms Dead Ahead
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During the yearly turning of the Great Wheel in astrology, the signs and planets engage is a cosmic dance that forms unique and potent aspects whose energies can have a profound impact on global events and personal relationships. Last year, the Water Grand Trine influenced a number of major events worldwide. This year, however, a potentially even more potent configuration is on the horizon: The Grand Cardinal Cross beginning April 23.

Grand Crosses, as the name implies, involve four planets that are each squared (90 degrees) to each other and where each planet is located in one of the four elemental divisions of a chart (earth, air, fire and water). When the four signs involved are the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) the result is a Grand Cardinal Cross. This phenomena will begin on April 23, at precisely 13 degrees of each of the Cardinal signs, the planets Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto create this potent astrological event that could have ramifications far beyond that date.

The immediate reverberations of the Grand Cardinal Cross continue throughout April and into the early part of May; obviously, the longer term effects will extend far beyond that period. The full moon of May 14th, known as the Flower, Hare or Corn Planting Moon, provides a brief respite from all the activity and intensity that has been and continues to occur. Even amidst the wreckage of the old, it is important to sow the seeds of the future.

As a result of this star-studded line-up, earthquakes will be large and damaging with Tsunami warnings which could also cause damage. One or more of these could cause problems far from where it occurs. This combined with unusual weather could be financially a burden when it occurs which will affect prices goods. Over these next few months, expect surprises with damaging residue.

About the author:

Lou Raedwulfe is a veteran and practicing astrologer and metaphysical consultant and author of several books.

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