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Grand Cardinal Cross: A time for Unity and Understanding

River Scene
River Scene
Catherine Al-Meten

As the Sun made its transit into Taurus over the weekend, and Jupiter in Cancer formed a perfect square to Uranus (sudden and shocking changes) and a perfect opposition to Mars in Libra (action and our desire to create and change), the stage was set for this week's Grand Cardinal Cross and a potential for uniting opposites through understanding. When squares occur, we are motivated to act, and when oppositions happen, we have the opportunity to understand the whole picture of events, relationships, ideas, and issues. In the case of Mars and Uranus, this particular aspect occurs at the start of the formation of the Grand Cardinal Cross, and helps set off enlightenment, understanding, necessary changes, and the process leading to a new start. This is a time when you become more aware of how the changes you have made or been forced to make over the last two years or so have led you to this point.

Pluto, the Great Transformer, has been transiting Capricorn for nearly two years, and has stirred up and created fertile ground beneath your feet. Uranus is in the first few years of its 14-year cycle through Aries, setting off a series of unexpected and often shocking events that bring revolution and surprises into areas related to relationships, aesthetics, and the quest for harmony. With the Moon in Capricorn on Sunday and Monday, we are grounded and more settled for the experiencing the Uranus-Pluto square that occurs today in the late morning, 11:38 A.M., PDT. This is the fifth in a series of seven aspects between the two planets, and it brings yet another reminder of what is breaking down in our live (individually and collectively), in order for bring about changes. With the movement of Mars and Uranus on Sunday (feeling the urge to make changes and sensing the movement that is just beneath the surface), today's square of Uranus and Pluto is softened by the Sun and Venus' placement in Taurus-we are better able to absorb the waves of change, and settle into the start of a new week. Today is Easter Monday, a day for celebration of the Light in our lives. In the early evening on Monday, the Moon in Capricorn makes a harsh angle to Mercury in Pisces, and this may stir up some discontent or disagreement where emotions worn thin by Capricorn's dilligence and taskmaker's push reach a breaking point. Take time off to let yourself relax and find ways to release from the stress or work of the day. The Moon enters Aquarius before 10:00 P.M. PDT, and the night ends on a quiet and more compassionate note.

Tuesday, April 22 is Earth Day, and the third of four days when the Grand Cardinal Cross is brought to fullness with Mars moving into the 13th degree of Libra. Mars' movement completes the Grand Cardinal Cross, with all planets in 13 degrees of their respective signs. Mars in Libra, the sign of the mediator, the negotiator, diplomacy, and harmony, adds some restraint to the powerful nature of this Grand Cardinal Cross. The Sun and the Moon are now in the 3rd quarter square, lending a dynamic edge to their usual monthly aspect. Polarities are oppositions that call us to either take one side of an issue and fight, or find balance, harmony, and compromise within the full spectrum of possibilities. We always have a choice of how we respond. Ask yourself if it's more important to be right regardless of the consequences, or to be compassionate, loving, tolerant, and understanding. Finding the middle way involves looking for answers between the two extremes. This is the challenge of the Grand Cardinal Cross, and of our lives.

Wednesday, April 23, is the final day that each of the planets shares the same degree. The fastest moving of the four planete, Mars, sets off a series of aspects during the night, opposing Uranus in Aries just past midnight and squaring Pluto in Capricorn just as the day begins (6:47 A.M. PDT). As you become aware of the strength of this energy, you may also notice that there is another grounding element at work. Mercury enters Taurus today, cooling things off just a bit, and bringing a calmer, more diplomatic air to bear on issues that might otherwise be veering out of control. The key to dealing with strong and powerful energy is to continue to use your spiritual practices to help you stay mindful and balanced where you are. Put your energy and attention on those areas of your life where you have stabilty, avoid pushing yourself or others, and be at peace with yourself wherever you are. Take it easy, and spend some time taking care of yourself. Get some rest, take time to exercise, enjoy wholesome and healthy meals, and spend time with good company. Live in a state of gratitude, and put your attention on that which you can have an effect on. See possibilities.

At 11:05 P.M. PDT Jupiter moves into the 14th degree, and the full force of the Grand Cardinal Cross begins shift. Aspects and transits in astrology have a dynamic energetic effect within 4-5 degrees on either side of the degree a planet, the Sun, or the Moon is on. Just as this Grand Cardinal Cross has been gradually building over the last month or so, so too will its waning occur slowly. This means that the long-term effects of the Grand Cardinal Cross will continue to be in play for quite some time. What matters most for our daily lives and gaining a perspective of how this powerful lineup is affecting us collectively, is to look at the long term trends, issues, and relationships and other areas of our lives that are the center of transformation for us. How are we spending our time, energy, resources to live more fully transformed? What concepts, illusions, dreams, desires, habits, and beliefs are still rooted in what is no longer part of our lives? In what ways are we adapting, improving, growing, and learning to walk more in tune with our Divine purpose? How are our individual lives connected to and intertwined with the lives of others? How is Divine abundance pouring into our hearts, minds, and lives to help create, build, serve, and love one another more fully?

Late Wednesday night, the Moon enters Pisces, where it will stay until late night Saturday. The week finds us flooded with emotions that well up over this dynamic week. With the Sun and Mercury both in Taurus, and the Moon and Venus in Pisces, the energy of those heavenly bodies closest to Earth, may lead us to appreciate the beauty and gifts of our physical being and our spiritual connections. For the more creative among us, it is a time for shaping beauty into whatever art we do, and for using the elements, the planetary riches, and the vastness of the Universe to inspire us and infuse our imaginations.

There is so much hope in times when we are called upon to see beyond the simple answers. When we understand that life is more than a choice between 'either-or' 'us vs. them' we understand more about how to walk the road of harmony. This week gives us more than one opportunity to experience this.

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