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The Grammy organization has slipped another notch down in quality with the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.The awards show which was held on Sunday in The Staple Center of  Los Angeles was at  times a tried an true plea to gain raitings.

The fiasco began with the always unusual Lady Gaga, attemping to sing her hit "Poker Face." The performance was nauseating to view.Her outfit looked as if she bought it from Patty Labelle's old 70's wardrope closet.Even the great Sir Elton John could not save this performance.

Beyonce who was a winner in the awards categores,turned in a non winning performance.The outfit was cool,but it is perfectly evident that Mrs. Carter has let her voice go.She tried and failed to hit high and low notes all throughout her performance.Jay-Z should have went on stage and sat her down.She embarrassed herself.

Rock goddess Pink who usually turns in A+ performances, proved that was just an average diva.The song that she sang or tried 2 sing was inaudible at times as well as just plain dull and lackluster.She tried to spark to the crowds interest by getting almost naked and doing a levitation trick,but to no avail.

The awards show did have it's great moments though.Green Day turned in a great performance that featured great singers and a choir singing with them.Another winning performance was the Black Eye Peas,who performed the new single "Imma Be" and their mega hit "I Got A Feelin'." Their performance featured their fans uploaded videos of them performing their version of the hit.

Maxwell turned in an awesome performance of his hit "Pretty Wings."Maxwell sounded as great as he does on his records. Much to everyone's delight he brought out the legendary soul woman Roberta Flack to sing "Where Is The Love."

Mary J. Blige and opera star Andrea Bocelli turned in the nights a beautiful tear jerking performance  when they teamed up to sing "Bridge Over Troubled Water," the song that will benefit Haitian earthquake relief.

The best performance of the evening came with Jamie Foxx teaming up with T-pain,Doug E Fresh and Slash to sing his hit "Blame It." Jamie started out singing in opera style.He then began to sing his hit.His performance was coplete with the usual  half naked dancers and fantastic backgorund singers.In the middle of the performance T-Pain, who was wearing a bandleaders costume revealed himself,much to the crows delight. Doug E Fresh then surprised everyone by proving that he still has beat boxing skills while Jamie performed with him.

The grammys also featured the 3-D tribute to Michael Jackson.The tribute featured past grammy winners Celine Dion,Usher,Jennifer Hudson,Smokie Robinson and Carie Underwood.The tribute was moving until the end when Smokie and Usher struggled to match Michael's note.

The Grammy Awards used to stand for  quality in performances and awards receipients,now it is just a ceremony that follows trends.If this keeps up it won't be long before the grammy's are just another event. 

Overrall,the grammy performances left much to be desired.


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