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Grammys Black Backlash

Were Kendrick Lamar & African Americans dismissed at Grammys
Were Kendrick Lamar & African Americans dismissed at Grammys
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Less than 24 hours after the Grammys aired, the "black backlash" began.

Many African Americans watched the Grammys and just as it has been in years past, many were disappointed. One such example came from Kendrick Lamar who was up for seven..count them SEVEN Grammys but did not win one!

Unfortunately this is the general sentiment after most major awards shows – Grammys, Tonys, Oscars, etc! So who is the problem? Do we need our own Grammy’s? Are African American award shows valuable enough?

Here is what a few viewers had to say:

Greg Rasheed “My take is that in the 21st century many African Americans still favor getting an award from whites, rather than appreciating an award from our own organizations.”

Ernest Smith “Are there still any Blacks in entertainment? I couldn't tell from the Grammy's.”

Karen Miler: “I believe without award shows highlighting what we as a people bring to each industry our contributions would get lost in American History again. American History seems to be His (the Caucasian) story. We need to keep telling our own.”

Brian Christopher: “Award shows for African Americans are important…but we have too many. They are competing with each other. We should just have one or two and put our money to supporting them” (to increase value of award).

I think we are our own problem. I personally believe our value has to come from within rather than from without. We have not come to the realization that WE HAVE ARRIVED! We are not done but we have arrived. We have opportunities our forefathers could only dream about. We are great in numbers but we give our financial resources and value away. The value in the major award shows is not in getting the award but the money and resources behind the award.

While I do see the need for the major award shows to look up and see the value in EVERY nationality and genre, I think we would do well to stop waiting and start supporting ourselves. We need to support our artists, our businesses and our people! We need to combine our resources to make opportunities for our own. We can make our own awards valuable and profitable once we decide to value ourselves.

Just a thought....

What do you think?

Written by Kennan Cooley

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