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GRAMMY UPDATE: Ringo, Paul strike out on three Grammy noms (with Paul photos)


It wasn't a memorable night for Paul and Ringo. They were unsuccessful in three tries at Grammy statues. In the Best Surround Sound Album category, Ringo's "Ringo 5.1 The Surround Sound Collection" (Bruce Sugar, surround mix engineer; Chris Bellman, surround mastering engineer; Bill Crowley, Ringo Starr & Bruce Sugar, surround producers). lost to  "Mussorgsky: Pictures At An Exhibition; Night On Bald Mountain; Prelude To Khovanshchina" by Paavo Järvi & Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra) 

Paul McCartney backstage at the Grammys Sunday night.
(Photos by Matt Sayles/Associated Press)

For Paul, it was John Mayer who took home the two Grammys he was nominated for.  His nomination in the Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance  -- "I Saw Her Standing There," from "Amoeba's Secret," lost to Mayer's "Gravity." And in the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance category, McCartney's  "That Was Me," also from "Amoeba's Secret," lost to Mayer's "Say."

But McCartney did perform "I Saw Her Standing There" live at the Grammys. So there was something to enjoy. 

And when the Grammys did their tribute to people who has recently died, they included Neil Aspinall and Norman Smith. But there was something to wince at -- they used Mal Evans' pic instead of Aspinall's. Ouch!


  • Patti M 6 years ago

    Sorry to hear they didn't pick up some extra hardware!

    I see Paul is wearing the t shirt daughter Stella designed for the 2009 Red Nose campaign (of the Beatles with red clown noses) which unfortunately you can only buy if you live in the UK...and he took Nancy to a really big public event.

  • Allan 6 years ago

    Great photos,Paul looks very cool,hardly a man of 66, he looks much younger.
    Seeing Paul jamming with Dave,was very exciting, but so was seeing U2 and Coldplay too.
    It was great seeing Robert Plant beat lil Wayne, a kodak moment indeed.
    Is it me or does it seem the U.K. has much better music than we do,here in the U.S. ?

  • William 6 years ago

    I think that Paul definitely got the most mentions from the winners & presenters. Coldplay said "thanks boss" after the Pepper mention. The woman from Sugarland mentioned some of the people present who made her feel nervous, including Paul. Jack Black commented after Paul's performance that Macca was a great new bass talent who people should keep their eye on. Cut to Macca laughing & pointing to Black. Sir was shown many times reacting to the events on stage, including singing along to the chorus of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline".
    The Grammy folks must have had a camera stationed near him most of the show.
    To Allan below, it's true that some of the Hip-Hop & country acts aren't as popular outside the US. I really don't like the vast majority of hip-hop, but why should I? My parents didn't like the Stones & most music I did (they wisely made an exception for some of the Fabs' stuff), and I never have liked Elvis, either. My older cousins thought he was soooooooo cool!

  • Jon 6 years ago

    Sad to say, of course they didn't win. That was kind of understood, wasn't it? That's how it is; how it's been all along.

  • Patti M 6 years ago

    All sorts of artists kept mentioning on the red carpet too how jazzed they were that they were going to see Paul perform.

    Being in the front row made it easy for the camera crews and directors to show Paul multiple times during the broadcast. He looked like he was enjoying himself!

  • maria 6 years ago

    mal evan's picture.
    are you serious?
    and here i thought the grammys couldn't get any worst.

  • marty gillis 6 years ago

    Paul played and sang well I thought. But Dave Grohl's drumming was atrocious! He hit the crash cymbal every 4 bars like a nervous tick and halfway thru he had to switch to half time on his high hat. A total garage band musician. YUCK! Ruined the performance for me. Still, Paul was the best that night had to offer. (at least for me) And how could those morons mistake Neil for Mal? Gimme a break!

  • Marie 6 years ago

    He lost to John Mayer!!! Lord these voters have no taste. Any of the other nominees winning would have stung much less. Paul deserved better. No one will remember Mayer in a few decade's time. Glad to hear Robert, Alison, and T Bone won.
    Hopefully Electric Arguments will win something next year. Paul upped the wattage at this years show certainly.
    U2's song was dull. Can anyone tell me why they were on? I couldn't help but feel they were ripping off an old Dylan song.

  • bobbi morey 6 years ago

    Paul and Ringo are better than stupid John Mayer. The people these days must not even be able to recognize true talent when it stares them in the face. The Beatles are the best band that ever lived and no one can make me believe otherwise! <3 I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

  • Michelle C 6 years ago

    Sir Hammy P. So cute.

  • David J. Sherry 6 years ago

    I have to be honest my feeling is whoever produced the Grammy's SCREWED UP royally.
    Hearing Paul do a basically lame and vocally inferior version of I Saw Her Standing there accompanied by the absolutely amaturish/garage band drumming of Dave Grohl --compared to the
    dozens upon dozens of live versions of Paul doing that song (Like numerous Prince's Trust's and what not)
    to make it worse --- was a big let down-
    to make it worse-- shaking his current mop top Beatles 64 looking hair cut
    like when he was 19 - and doing OH GOD NOT AGAIN.......
    I Saw Her Standing There????????????????????????
    why not Sgt Pepper... or something the young rockers - would have respected and been
    blown away by like Helter Skelter or heck the Long and WInding Road even!!!
    Paul we've heard it heard it live TOO MANY TIMES - throw us a (musical) bone!
    I could hear Lennon saying, "give it up Paulie!"

    Then Diamond, repeating the debacle of what could have been a really cool Beatle Grammy moment
    I wanted to run out of the room screaming!!!
    yeah it's my favorite Neil Diamond song BUT

    Why not the NEW song "That Was Me" that Paul was up for a Grammy with??? OR a less worn out Beatle song??????

    Why not Pretty Amazing Grace from Neil's NO. 1 album????
    Or Delirious Love???? Or the Killer song "HELL YEAH" (so good it is like I Am... I Said PART 2)
    Now that would have been exciting and interesting!

    very disappointing that I sat thought that much rap and crap (and a few good moments)
    to hear Paul and Neil
    and got not one but TWO
    "fat Elvis" performances...
    (not physically both of these late 60 year old guys look GREAT I mean the bad live versions of live songs like El did in concert before he died... WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN GOLDEN MOMENT WITH TWO GOLDEN ARTISTS WASTED BY AN OUT OF TOUCH GRAMMY PRODUCER!

  • David J. Sherry 6 years ago


  • Allan 6 years ago

    It's funny, last year Ringo was there through the whole Grammy show, and this year,Paul was there through the whole show.
    What's sad is that they never seem to be anywhere at the same time anymore, take last years Liverpool fest, both played, but months apart.
    When George was still living, it seemed that Paul and Ringo were hanging out all the time,and guesting on each others albums, but not since 1998's Vertical man,has either guested on each others albums.
    Could it be because since they are the only surviving Beatles,it automatically becomes a Beatle's reunion when they are together?
    Why can't two old friends play together without causing the media circus deaming it another Beatle's reunion ?

    Just a thought.