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Grammy red carpet


Sunday night was music’s finest hour, the Grammys. As usual the fashion on the red carpet was parallel to any designer runway, in New York’s fashion week. As a lover of great fashion, and fashion trends, I love and never miss any red carpet presentation. Of course there were many hits, but also a few misses here and there, as with anything that has to do with fashion. Since there were so many artist and presenters, I will narrow it down to three. I will give my humble opinion on the best three and the worst three. That way I give you an overall look at the Grammys’ Red Carpet fashion.

Let's begin with my ultimate favorite the whole night, it would have to be my girl Pink. Her John Vartavos gown had it all; it was sexy, fun, elegant and chic. Also her romantic simplicity to accessorize with just a pair of gorgeous Neil lane diamond earrings, and bracelet was perfection. Her accessories, did not take away from the beautiful design and color palate of the dress. It seems that Pink is at a wonderful place in her life, after her reconciliation with her husband, and her ability to stay sober. This is obviously reflected on her sense of style, although she has not lost her uniqueness, her style has soften and become more romantic. Overall, her look was amazingly beautiful.

My second choice would have to be Fergie; she was definitely fergielicious, in her Pucci dress. The blue tone of Fergie’s dress was beautiful and unique. Also the gold accent made the dress stand out, and also played up her amazing tan. Not to mention the fact that her toned legs and overall killer body brought the whole look together. Also, we have to admit the fact that she had the perfect accessory, her handsome husband Josh Duhamel. Fergie gets my seal of approval on her look. Last but not least is Beyonce, she looked gorgeous. This Stephane Rolland dress hugged her curvaceous figure perfectly. In mi opinion Beyonce had curves in all the right places. Never the less, the only thing that I would have change about Beyonce’s look, is the color of the dress. I do not feel that the dress color complimented her gorgeous complexion; still she was beautiful as always.

The women mentioned above, were in my opinion the most beautiful of the night. They accented all their features, and hid all their flaws, if any. Now, for the women that missed the mark completely, Lets begin with Jennifer Lopez. Lola, in my opinion, is always so elegant and beautiful. I have to give it to her, at forty, and having had twins, she has the body that any twenty year-old would envy. None the less this Versace dress did her body no justice. Versace designs are always flattering, especially to women with curvy figures, but this dress were unflattering and seemed undone. It seemed like the seamstress of this dress was too tired to finish it. Lola, you are gorgeous, but this dress was BLAH!!! Katie Perry, to me , has a classic pin-up model look. Absolutely beautiful woman, but her look for the night was not so beautiful. This Zac Posen gown, blended too much with her complexion, and her side breast cleavage, was truly unflattering. Overall, her whole look was a bit odd, was she going for an Indian look or a tablecloth look, because that is what to dress resembled to me. Katie, please stop taking fashion tips from Russell Brand.

Oh my, I definitely have saved the best for last. First off let me start by saying that Lady Gaga is one of my favorite artists. I feel that she is truly a musical genius, and that her unique artistic vision is what has taken her  this far in the industry. Although we are too familiar with her, over-the-top, sense of style, it would be nice to see her show off her features. Lady Gaga, we get it, you are an artist on and off the stage. This is cool, but your unique artistic ability should not compromise the fact that we would all like to see you dressed like the beautiful woman that you are. I am a bit bored with the fact that you are trying to shock us all, in reality your shock factor is no more, you are way too predictable. There you have it, my three favorite best and worst looks of the Grammys’ red carpet.

I hope that all of you agree with my views on Grammy fashion this year. If not I would love to hear from you, so hit me up on my email; Also never forget that we only live once, so why not live fashionably fabulous?

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