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Grammy-nominated artist Eric Roberson speaks out for MS Awareness Week

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Eric Roberson
Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Eric Roberson
photo: Eric Roberson

Celebrated singer-songwriter Eric Roberson, who released his latest album "B-sides, Features and Heartaches" last month, discussed his experiences participating in the Walk MS campaign and coping with a loved one living with MS for MS Awareness Week.

According to MusicMoviesThoughts, when asked about the motivation to join the Walk MS campaign Roberson stated "my wife was diagnosed with MS a little over five years ago, right before we were married. We both said at that point, 'what can we do?' MS was something that I knew nothing about for the most part. I knew a little, but not enough to have a conversation about it. So my wife and I got involved in Walk MS, I would mention it at shows, we would hand out pamphlets, anything we could do to participate."

Roberson has participated in Walk MS for five years straight and describes it as "such an inspiring day. My wife and I have two boys, and she did the walk while pregnant both times. We tweet, Instagram, and use social media; which are good ways to start conversations and let people know their money can go towards helping people living with MS and research."

Celebrating 20 years in the music industry, Roberson has plans for two 2014 album releases, including February's "B-sides." Discussing the inspiration behind that project he shared, "it's our 20th year and this album was a way of celebrating that. It showcases collaborations I've done over the past 15 years and mixes in some new studio songs as well. The album really showcases, from a creative standpoint, how you can get together with other artists, collaborate, and come up with great songs that can inspire a lot of people. And it's a record where the average listener probably won’t know 80% of the music. There may be familiarity with one or two songs, but I wanted to bring attention to songs that listeners didn't know and ones I thought they would really enjoy."

Regarding the second album, planned for release later this year, Roberson shared "right now the album is called “Musical Monologues,” a nod to my writing style which is very much personal and theatrical in presentation. I am in love with the songs we've done already." He added that, although he's still recording and there are a few surprise guests he couldn't yet name, music fans can expect that release sometime between July and October of this year.

Click here to read more of Eric Roberson's interview on MusicMoviesThoughts and go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's website to learn more about MS Awareness Week and Walk MS.

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