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Grammy Awards style award

floor-length ombre dress by Tony Ward Haute Couture
floor-length ombre dress by Tony Ward Haute Couture
Grammy Red Carpet

Award shows are great, not only because they honor some truly talented people, but mainly because they parade those truly talented people down a red carpet lined with crazy paparazzi.  Its really rather cruel when you think about it.  Evey year the 'beautiful' people of Hollywood and music land have to find the perfect outfit just to be scrutinized by millions of strangers around the world.  Oh what fun it must be to be constantly judged by people who would secretly kill to be able to wear a hideous designer dress. 

Perhaps all the sloppy red carpet fashion at this years Grammy Awards was a silent protest of mainstream fashion ideals. More likely though, stylists were charging to much for advise, thus making room for purple people eating dresses to ravage songstresses.  At least Lady Gaga, as persona would dictate, was once again demonstrating the beauty of the far from ordinary in custom made Armani.  Its such a shame her hair dresser took the night off.

So to escape the horror of red carpet faux pas and in honor of great stylists and designers everywhere, gaze upon the fierceness of a well dressed musical knockout, Pink in Tony Ward Couture.