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Beyonce is steamy at 56th Grammy Awards performance

Wow! Are you watching the 56th Grammy awards?

Beyonce is steamy at 56th Grammy Awards performance
Beyonce is steamy at 56th Grammy Awards performance
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Beyonce steamy at 56th Grammy Awards
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The opening of the show was pretty awesome, with power couple Jayz and Beyonce.

Beyonce opened the show singing her new release “Drunk in Love”, with hubby, Jayz.

This examiner was wondering how she would maintain her “moving” stage presence after she did away with her flowing locks. Beyonce was well known for flopping her tresses around for effect, during stage performances.

It must be said that, not surprisingly, Ms. Bey, held her own, during her opening showcase on January 26, 2014, at the 56th Grammy Awards. The awards show was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

The performance was reminiscent of a woman doing a strip tease in her boudoir for her man. A lot of smoke but no mirrors! Beyonce, did manage to get a few swings in of her wet short bob, while she straddled a chair, fish net stocking clad legs opened wide, full-on crotch shots emphasized by her hands running up and down her legs.

Just when the viewer begins to wonder how Bey’s hubby may feel about this, Jayz hops on stage, in signature suited-up style. Bey then finished the show up with a hip gyrating duo dance with her hubby.

Pass or fail? This examiner says “Good on ya!” to the duo, who opened the show, right on! A hard act to follow, we’ll have to get back to ya on more 56th Grammy awards … as we continue to watch!

Are you watching?

Let us know how you feel about the power couple’s performance.

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