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Herb Alpert's music provides some amazing therapeutic health benefits

Herb Alpert may have just won a Grammy Award for best pop instrumental album with “Steppin’ Out”, but few may be aware that his soothing music provides some much needed therapeutic health benefits .

As a musician and bandleader, Herb Alpert sold over 72 million albums throughout the world. He won seven Grammy Awards. You probably remember The Spanish Flea, the theme song associated with ‘The Dating Game’. It was easy to see how his tunes put people in a great mood.

Music is therapeutic. Music is an effective aid for

  • Stress/pain management
  • Relaxations
  • Meditation/
  • Motor coordination
  • Reality orientation
  • Treatment tolerance
  • Expression of emotion
  • Communication
  • Achievement of Occupational and physical therapy goals
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Sensor/cognitive stimulation
  • Recreational enjoyment
  • Improving quality of life
  • Patient/client satisfaction

Alpert has been part of the wallpaper of American music since the 1960's. A gifted musician who produced hit after hit and who at age 75 is still going. He started with his band the Tijuana Brass, who filled the air waves with memorable melodies. His music has frequently been heard as soothing background music in clinical waiting rooms.

Here are some categories that turn to an unusual form of therapy-music:

Brain music therapy

Medical music therapy in Istanbul

Autism music therapy

Chronic and acute pain music therapy

Everyday stress, Anxiety and depression music therapy

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