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Graham Faces Fierce Contender for US Senate Seat

Some senators can be easily intimidated. Others stay strong initially, but eventually fold under pressure. A small percentage, however, cannot be intimidated at all, regardless of the opposition with which they are faced or its source. On April 12th, 2014 at the Liberty Rally in Charleston, SC it was easy to see where Senator Lee Bright falls on that spectrum. Each time I speak with Senator Bright I am reminded of why South Carolina needs him in Washington. When he shared his position on various issues yesterday, the crowd was inspired as always, with the delivery of his traditional, pro-Constitution message. I was not at all surprised by the chants of “Bright for Senate” which followed his turn at the podium.

As support for Lindsey Graham in our state erodes, Lee Bright has earned the reputation of the most conservative Senator in the state. South Carolina citizens want this type of representation in Washington, yet it is not what we are receiving from US Senator Lindsey Graham. This fact has lead many to question why Graham or any candidate would run on the Republican ticket, but fail to uphold the platform, as Graham has done. South Carolinians know this will not be the case with Bright, as he is not afraid to stand up for the Constitution and the liberty and freedoms of his constituents, no matter how much opposition he is awarded from the establishment. Whether surrounded by support or standing alone, his values do not change, as evidenced by what is referred to by some as his flawless voting record.

Leading the Charge Against Obamacare

As primary sponsor of the Obamacare Nullification Bill, Bright has emerged as a national challenger of this destructive law. The bill would have brought criminal charges against any persons attempting to enforce the law in South Carolina. In addition, Bright was the first US Senate candidate in South Carolina to sign the pledge to defund Obamacare. Knowing that this disastrous legislation poses a serious threat to our nation, he remained stalwart on his position in the face of internal and external opposition.

A Candid Response to a Serious Concern

When I expressed my utter dismay after the Obamacare Nullification Bill failed to pass the SC Senate last month, Senator Bright candidly explained to me that the Senate in our state faces a similar problem to that of the US Senate: too many Republicans who are not necessarily conservative, and in the South Carolina Senate specifically, too many former Democrats who changed parties, but failed to change their ideals. His non-conformist stance in such an atmosphere in our state equips him well to deal with that same climate in Washington.

When he is elected to US Senate, Congress will quickly learn that Bright will not compromise with regard to our Constitution and the values on which our Nation was founded. While many Democrats and liberal-leaning Republicans think it is their duty to “fix Obamacare,” rather than end its menacing life, Bright does not feel that looking for “a better way to subvert the constitution” is the best course of action. We wholeheartedly agree with you, Senator Bright.

No Fear of Filibusters

Additionally, Bright has no fear of filibusters. Similar to US Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) who filibustered in their Freshman terms, Bright led the way to the passage of a bill to save South Carolina employers millions of dollars that would have otherwise been lost due to the state's horribly mismanaged unemployment system. In the 2012 session, Bright staged an 11th hour filibuster that forced Senate leaders to a vote in the Session’s final hour. It is actions such as these that prove no one bullies Bright.

Opportunity Knocks

Very few states have the opportunity to elect a strong, uncompromising conservative, but South Carolina has that privilege and it should be embraced. We need Bright in DC to lead the charge against the Washington establishment the same way he led the charge against Obamacare in our great state. His proven track record will not weaken when he reaches our Nation's Capital. Myself and countless other South Carolinians are looking ahead toward Brighter days and cheering for the man who will help make those days a reality for all citizens.