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Graham Elliot's weight loss seen on ‘Masterchef’ premiere: How much did he lose?

Monday’s premiere of “Master Chef” promises some incredible entertainment as the judges and contestants start season 5 of the popular reality show. Tonight Chef Graham Elliot returns as a judge with a surprise for fans. One of our favorite chefs, Graham Elliot has lost over 100 pound since last season. According to the Reality Unwind report on Monday, Chef Gordon Ramsay, restaurateur Joe Bastianich and Chef Graham Elliot return for season five to find the best home cook in America. The three men will taste culinary creations and judge contestants until the final “Masterchef” winner is announced.

Graham Elliot returns to "Masterchef"
Instagram/ Graham Elliot

Chef Elliot previously weighed almost 400 lbs. and underwent weight loss surgery. He has lost 125 pounds and it makes him look significantly different. He decided to lose weight to improve his health and reverse some health issues that were cropping up. On Monday the Huffington Post reported about the weight loss surgery in July 2013 and how Elliot has been driven to stay healthy for his kids.

Elliot has been posting his weight loss images on his Instagram account to show fans the difference in his size as time progresses. The results are amazing and Elliot can be very proud of his determination to change his health. Many fans of “Masterchef” aren't aware of his weight loss and tonight they may not even recognize this popular chef who is looking fit and trim.

The show will feature 30 contestants coming from all walks of life. There is an advertising executive, stay-at-home-dad, an admissions counselor, an oilman, a student a bakery assistant and an investment counselor, but what they have in common is a passion for cooking great food. According to reports, there will be four New Yorkers represented in the contestant pool. “Masterchef” will put them through severe testing to see how well they can perform under pressure and the three tough judges will not make it easy to pass muster. Tonight, the top 30 finalists compete for the title of “Masterchef,” a cookbook deal and the $250,000 grand prize.

Tune in for the premiere of “Masterchef” Monday night at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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