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Graham Elliot 150 pounds: 'MasterChef' judge debuts 150-pound weight loss

Graham Elliot before and after
Graham Elliot before and after
Graham Elliot / Instagram

Graham Elliot has lost nearly 150 pounds (147 to be exact)! The "MasterChef" judge showed off his incredible weight loss in a before and after photo on Instagram. On March 7, People Magazine posted an interview with Elliot in which he discussed how he changed his mindset after having a sleeve gastrectomy nine months ago.

"In the past I would get stressed and ask craft services for cookies and candy but now I know my stomach is the size of a banana and I need to have food that just gives me energy. So I can either have a moment of sweetness but feel really bad or I can order something delicious and light like sashimi," explained Elliot of his weight loss journey.

Graham Elliot lost about 150 pounds in the first year after having the surgery which was a shock to him. He says that he only expected to lose about 70 pounds or so in the first 12 months post-surgery -- but he was determined to get the weight off. He added exercise into his life and says that he now makes healthy snack choices (like almonds and dried fruit) which really helped him transform.

Elliot once weighed nearly 400 pounds and that's when he knew that he needed a lifestyle change. Now he is wearing a size 36 -- and not only does he look great, he feels great too!

Graham Elliot's 150 pound weight loss has completely changed his life for the better. He is on the right path and it's totally paying off.

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