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Graftobian special effects and casualty simulation makeup DVD

Graftobian Makeup Company

Graftobian has recently released their new DVD for special effects and casualty simulation makeup. If you have been following me you already know our Suzanne Patterson. Celebrity Makeup artist known for the Geico Insurance cavemen. She is my friend and mentor. I admire her desire to teach people and increase your knowledge of makeup of television and print. I was invited to be her production assistant on this great new Graftobian special effects DVD. I was so humbled to assist her and Eric CEO of Graftobian Cosmetics in the making of this DVD, in which I received IMDB credits. When you purchase the DVD you will learn how create a fresh brush, old bruise, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns, bone fractures, boils and more. Suzanne offers these classes where you can learn these skills hands on and get your own special effects makeup kit. If you live in the Northern Virginia metropolitan area you can volunteer for her military moulage simulation sessions live with the military. You will help them recreate real injuries in order to train military medical personnel.

To purchase the DVD, sign up for her classes or purchase some amazing special effects kits visit