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Graduation should offer clear parting words

After four years of study you twenty-somethings have gotten used to paying attention so graduation speeches are just another one. This one speech can act as a closing chapter to a book and should by all logic wrap up some loose ends. Everyone has different ends by the time they have completed their 128 credits. I have a psychology degree so I expect one kind of wrap up or summing up. Many of my friends have bachelor of science degrees in physical science areas so they would expect another summing up. It seems today that summing up is a brave new world of unexpected things. A concrete and positive wrap up is what I expect at commencement. It's what most people expect.

Consider the actual meaning of your values
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Welcome in January of 2014 to the world of writers who learn to conclude thoughts by throwing it to the chaos of computer social media. Conclusions are just opinions to Twitter managers. Creating chaos--for political purposes--is a goal. So after having put in four years keep on reading: I mean read elsewhere. There is a universe of clutter on Twitter and Facebook where politicos would hope people would lose their sense of priorities.

Read real stories from actual news stories if you choose to find reading material on the internet. Avoid Twitter, Facebook and those other social media sites that will make you believe the whole world is unable to conclude a story. There is never even any sign of conclusions on these sites such as in almost any book. "The end" is nice to see in books because in that book you just concluded you can be sure there is nothing to follow. Stephen Colbert won't be hangin' around to comically riff on the meaning of "the end."

We've seen obfuscation taken to a crazy extreme in his case on The Colbert Report. Colbert's graduation speech in Charlottesville, Virginia for the University of Virginia in 2013 was a classic that I would avoid and I would, indeed, roll my eyes at the mere mention that he was going to offer parting words at my commencement. President Obama, on the other hand, offered good advice in his 2013 graduation speech. Think of what you can with your post-graduation earnings to help your country.

Congratulations on your success for having put in four years. That's the end of the beginning. Now have a great and a intellectually rewarding rest of your life. Write or create your own logical conclusion to the logic of your life.

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