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Graduation Gift Ideas: Practical Gifts

Consider these graduation gift ideas to choose a practical gift for the new graduate. Graduation is a special time in everyone’s life. It is important to give a graduation gift that will be useful to the graduate. Here are 5 graduation gift ideas that are easy on any budget and appropriate for anyone..

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad." This informative book by Robert T. Kiyosaki is the perfect graduation gift for any graduate. It teaches young adults more about planning their financial futures than any education could. It is a practical, useful book for high school and college graduates, male and female, of all ages. Of all the graduation gift ideas, this book is the gift that continues to give throughout life.

Brief Case, Back Pack, or Travel Bags. These graduation gift ideas will always come in handy. Whether new graduates are headed to work, returning to school or taking a year off to travel the world, they will be able to use a brief case, back pack, or travel bag. Look for quality at a reasonable price when purchasing these useful gifts.

Prepaid Phone Card. Prepaid phone cards are practical graduation gift ideas for those planning to travel or relocate after graduation. It will be easier for them to stay in touch while saving money on long distance telephone calls. Prepaid phone cards come in several denominations, and many can be used globally.

Target or Walmart Gift Card. Many people shop at Target or Walmart for basic household items. A gift card from these popular department stores is a useful graduation gift, especially for graduates moving into new apartments or homes. Why worry about coming up with ideas for 'house-warming' gifts when you can give the new graduate the freedom to choose? Gift cards are also helpful for graduates continuing their educations.

Designer Journal. Graduates are crossing over to a new phase in their life. Giving them a designer journal for a graduation gift is a great way for them to memorialize their new experiences and record personal goals.

When giving graduation gifts, it is always the thought that counts, not the price. In today's economy, it is best to give gifts that people will be able to use. A greeting card with cash enclosed is also appropriate.

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