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Graduating to a transformed America

Celebrating graduation and the end of Obama's speech
Celebrating graduation and the end of Obama's speech
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

These last few weeks have seen graduation ceremonies across the land spewing forth what for some is their first experience with the real world. No longer coddled in the cocoon of academia the real world awaits with lessons in theory verses reality. The luckiest of them will find jobs only to be shocked by the cost of compassion and their fair share. Most of them will return home to struggle to pay Obama student loans on part time jobs.

All of them are entering the job market in one of the worst times since the great depression. They will see with exceptional clarity the results of the current administrations policies on our economy. Those that graduated from our esteemed military academies will see their jobs made harder by an administration that abhors them. They will be asked to send men under their command into dangerous situations with less latitude than their hometown police force.

Sending these military graduates on their way were the architects of these policies of appeasement so as not to offend our enemies. The Naval academy graduates were lectured by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on the dangers of sexual harassment while ridding the seas of those who would do us harm. Joe Biden invited the Air Force graduates to help usher in a new world order while also fighting sexual harassment. But the most anticipated commencement speech was at West Point.

The White House touted it as the rollout of the Obama doctrine. No longer would the American people have to wonder if it was bow to our adversaries, apologize for freeing the world, or read the teleprompter softly but carry a large group of hashtag followers. This speech would let the world know that Obama policies are not the failure they appear to be.

Even though Obama didn’t build this nation or West Point he let everyone know who is in charge. By the numbers he mentioned I, me, and my fifty nine times in his reading to the graduates. (Speech) He took credit for Al Qaeda’s branching out, our retreat from Afghanistan, the war he couldn’t pursue in Syria, and Russia backing down after accomplishing their goals in Crimea. He told the recent graduates they will be subservient to the institute of corruption, the United Nations.

He did not apologize for abandoning Americans in Benghazi or explain the purpose of the costly progressive rules of engagement. (Rules) Obama made no promises to fix the veterans administration problems, or gave reasons for their votes not counting if overseas. (Vote) No he just explained to them they would be tools for his expansion of presidential powers.

In the months ahead these graduates will experience the world created by their elders. Serve under a president that seems to believe America should apologize for its greatness. An administration that prefers to regulate rather than stimulate. A nation transformed from the one they left when they entered college.

These graduates have a choice to make. They can tow the progressive line or fight to make the country a better place for their children. They can work to replace greed with real public service. They can vote with their conscience and not their pocketbook. They can fight the radicals that have become the man holding them down. The can bring real hope and change to a country that is in dire need.

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