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Grading your management style

In order to grade your management style you must first answer the five questions found in, “Learn Your Management Style by Answering Five Questions”. Click here if you have not taken this brief test.

Grading your management style
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If you answer these questions honestly as they apply to the majority of situations in the workplace you can now determine with some degree of accuracy what your management style is.

If you answered “True” to all five questions you are solidly in the traditional management style camp. If you answered “False” to all five questions you are as contemporary as contemporary can be. If you have a mix of the two possible answers you use a blended management style. Two answers of “true” mean you lean contemporary and if you answered “false” twice you lean traditional that you are still in the blended arena.

It is important that a manager works for a company or organization where their management style is aligned with the company’s culture.

Please click here to continue reading about the alignment of management and workplace culture styles.

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