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Grad school requires strategic planning

Millennials and Grad School
Millennials and Grad School

If you’re seriously considering grad school as an option to expand your job opportunities, you’re not alone. It’s important to understand, however, that attending grad school can set your debt load to as much as $150,000. This debt can seriously delay key major life milestones, including home purchases, marriage and having children.

Do some soul searching and evaluate why it is that you want to go to grad school. Graduate degrees in law, science and medicine are necessary stepping stones. Personal enrichment is absolutely a justifiable reason to go to grad school—but realistically keep in mind that a big paycheck may not be awaiting you at the end of the tunnel. Graduate degrees in business and technology present opportunities to hone skills and change career direction.

If you are serious about grad school, there are a number of strategic steps you can take to minimize the resulting debt load. Consider looking for a one-year program, seeking out funding opportunities, working while in school, working before going back to school, thinking like a salesperson and asking for employer support.

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