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Gracie Gold skates to 'All that Jazz' at Olympic Figure Skating Gala (photo)

Gracie Gold perform during the Olympic Figure Skating Gala
Gracie Gold perform during the Olympic Figure Skating Gala
NBC Olympics/Twitter

Gracie Gold had the fans in Sochi once again at the edge of their seats as she performed on Saturday. For the final event of the Sochi Winter Games the Olympic figure skaters once again hit the ice for an fun performance during the Olympic Figure Skating Gala. Gracie Gold had fun with her segment as she offered a perfect performance with the music All that Jazz. According to NBC Sports on Saturday, the program aired on NBC Olympics live stream and highlights will be seen Saturday night on NBC Olympics evening coverage, the star seemed at ease and continuously smiled on the ice.

Gracie Gold was edged out of medal contention at the Sochi Olympics, but you would have never thought the athlete was disappointed. She seemed relaxed on the ice and a strong part of the program. Giving some of her best moves on Saturday, the star seemed to really focus on entertaining the fans and less about the scores.

Without doubt Gracie Gold was one of the best American figure skaters representing Team USA. Hoping to continue to grow, the skater is looking at becoming the best in the United States and around the world. If she skates effortlessly like she did at figure skating gala the fans will see her in the years to come including the 2018 Olympics.

The Olympic Figure Skating Gala was a chance for fans to see the athletes without all the pressures of scoring. Gracie Gold’s portion was fun to watch and had the live audience clapping along.