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2014 Winter Olympics

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Gracie Gold seeing Gus Kenworthy? Olympic athlete only admits to ‘Hanging out’

Gracie Gold seeing Gus Kenworthy? It's doubtful but the athletes are hanging out
Gracie Gold/Twitter

Is Gracie Gold dating Gus Kenworthy? The American figure skater is a sweetheart and she is expected to hit the Olympic ice next week for Team USA, but it looks like she might be enjoying some time with friends in the Olympic Village. According to the Today show on Friday, Gus Kenworthy suggested he has his eye on the figure skater. In fact the athlete admitted that he and Gracie Gold are hanging out.

"We've been hanging out together," said Gus Kenworthy about the connection on the Today show. The star didn't seem to know how to respond to the next question of what their relationship status was. Could anything be going on behind the scenes? "No, well maybe."

Did Gus Kenworthy give the possible nod of a budding relationship?

Technically what’s the difference between “hanging out” and Gus Kenworthy being a potential Gracie Gold boyfriend? Well as the ladies know if there is no interest then an immediate answer would be heard. There wouldn't be any hesitation or even consideration. Never would you hear the word “maybe” in the answer.

Gracie Gold and Gus Kenworthy met at the through a mutual sponsor before the Sochi Games and there is the little detail of hanging out behind the scenes at the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Showing off the moment the fans even saw a snapshot posted on social media

So it is possible Gracie Gold is dating Gus Kenworthy? It’s doubtful, but it is safe to say that Gus Kenworthy has an Olympic crush worthy of a gold medal on the American figure skater.

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