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2014 Winter Olympics

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Gracie Gold has a twin sister? Olympic figure skater had hidden talent too

Gracie Gold has a twin sister?
Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Olympian Gracie Gold has a few hidden talents outside of figure skating and fans are excited to learn more about the star. The active member of Team USA obviously has a life outside of the ice, but most viewers don’t know much about her. According to For the Win on Sunday, the Olympian has a twin sister named Carly and her competitive spirit has much to do with her family life.

The competitive nature of the Olympic athlete doesn’t leave much room for her sister, but apparently Carly is a figure skater too. The two athletes have been in direct competition for most of their young lives which has compelled Gracie Gold to work hard to be the best. It's not surprising that the Winter Olympics is part of her journey as she pushes herself to do her more than average.

Being an Olympic athlete also requires an athlete to have focus. One way Gracie gets mentally prepared for the ice is by using her hidden talent. The athlete is a juggles who loves to spend time before it is her turn to compete throwing up objects in the sky. This offers her a chance to relax while keeping her mind sharp.

Gracie Gold is expected to do well at the Sochi Olympics. Gracie's goal is to bring home the gold. The star is looking at performing perfectly at the figure skating events for her chance to medal and the fans of Team USA can hardly wait to see her skate.

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