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Gracie Gold falls in free skate program; misses medal in Olympic figure skating

Gracie Gold falls during her free skate program
Gracie Gold falls during her free skate program
Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Olympic figure skating was a tough competition on Thursday and Team USA didn't medal. It was Gracie Gold who came in fourth and she was the closest of the three American athletes in Sochi to reach the podium. In what was an intense competition where younger, immature skaters crumbled to pressure, even Gracie Gold stumbled. About midway during her performance she fell and landed hard on the ice. According to Chicago Magazine on Thursday, that jump was the only thing that wasn't flawless about her routine and it hurt her score.

According to the Sochi Olympics official scoreboard Gracie Gold received a score of 136.90 for the free skate and had a combined two-day total of 205.53. While the score was solid, it was almost ten points behind the bronze medal winner from Italy.

Gracie Gold showcased her amazing talent and outstanding grace on the Olympic ice, but she still seemed to lack confidence. Once she stumbled and fell on the ice, the athlete appeared shaken up and the rest of her routine seemed out of focus.

Team USA is composed of a young group of women who didn't seem to match up to other international figure skaters. Comparing Gracie Gold’s confidence to Yuna Kim would be the difference between night and day. However, this experience is going to lead up to a strong 2018 Olympics and at the point expect to see some hardware for USA.