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“Graceland” 2x9 - Mike is in over his head rescuing the girls

In last week’s episode, Charlie tries to make friends with a bank robber, while Johnny tries to keep his feelings for Lucia in check.

In this week’s episode, titled “Gratis”, Mike’s mission to save the girls looks to fail and it seems like Briggs might be to blame for it.

In this week’s episode, titled “Gratis”, Mike’s mission to save the girls looks to fail and it seems like Briggs might be to blame for it.

Johnny brings Lucia to her father’s place in Mexico. Not good news for him as Carlito is there waiting for them too. Carlito wastes no time trying to make a move on Johnny. But good news for Johnny being there is that he can try and get the trust of Carlito Sr. and he looks like he might have gotten himself into deep as he misspeaks in front of Carlito Sr.

Lucia starts to open to Johnny about her family and Johnny continues to fall deeper and deeper for Lucia. Carlito Jr. certainly didn’t like the fact that Johnny showed him up to his father. This is definitely going to create friction between him and Carlito (just building up to when Carlito Jr. learns of Johnny and Lucia).

When he gets the chance, Johnny tries to make an in with Carlito Sr. and Carlito Sr. might take him up on the offer with the advice for him to stay away from Carlito Jr. because he knows his son has feelings for Johnny. Carlito Sr. gives Johnny a chance and it angers Carlito Jr.

Mike is working the girl trafficking place as he learns that a new batch of girls are coming in to take the place of the ones that he’s paying for. This is good news for Mike’s case as he will probably be able to find out how the girls are begin delivered now.

Mike does everything he can to wire the place so he can shut it down plus keep the girls safe, but Sulla has a plan of his own as he continues to do what he wants with the girls. Mike looks like he’s getting pushed to his breaking point (especially considering he knows how much it means to Paige).

Mike tries to get Lena out (Paige’s first choice) without the other girls but it’s not looking good as Sulla wants Lena to stay because Mike disrespected him. But he fails and it gets Lena killed. This is not going to make Paige happy.

Paige is still not happy with the fact that the girls haven’t been taken out of the home yet and is taking it out on Mike.

Mike is able to convince Paige that Lena escaped and that she’s not dead. He goes back to the other girls to try and get them out. This is most definitely going to bite him in the butt later on when Paige finds out. Even though Mike could have been doing this to protect Paige but at the same time it could be that he didn’t want her to be more mad at him. Maybe a little bit of both.

That tape makes a return as the man who found the tape brings it into the police department. Obvious this is bad considering it’s Paul on the tape and he’s the one under cover at the police department.

Problems arise for Charlie as she finds out that the person working with Amber is Greg, someone that knows her from another cover. But Briggs helps her out by arresting him as a person of interest. This allows DJ to come in and help Charlie.

Charlie puts herself in an awkward situation as she goes to stay with Amber at her place and against Brigg’s request.

In other news, we see Charlie get sick. Normally this means nothing, but it obviously means something worth putting in there. Most likely she’s either pregnant or going to have a pregnancy scare. That tape is going to come back and haunt Briggs as they figure out that it sounds like him as West.

In the next episode, things get complicated as the police move in on the trafficking building and it might lead to Mike getting killed.

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