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“Graceland” 2x6 - Graceland comes together to find Paige

In last week’s episode, someone leaks information about Mike’s big case while Paige finds herself knee deep in trouble in her case.

Paige finds herself in trouble as the group comes together to try and figure out where she is.

In this week’s episode, titled “Guardian Angel”, Paige finds herself in trouble as the group comes together to try and figure out where she is.

Mike questions Lawrence about the buses and Lawrence talks about what he knows (which is nothing that we don’t already know).

DJ tells the group that Paige is missing and they all band together to try and find her. Briggs and Charlie find out that she went in as Annika undercover. Of course Mike is going to go crazy until he does. Which will create problems because he will have a short fuse.

Mike might have gone too far with Briggs as they dry drown Lawrence with alcohol. In the end they get what they want. A set up meeting to buy the girls. But do the ends justify the means.

Paige finds herself in a lot of trouble as she works undercover. She finds the first Tinkerbell, Lina, that she ran into at the bus depot and no doubt that she will try everything in her power to save her. Problem is that no one knows that she is in there.

She is able to save the girls by having Lina pretend to be sick so that a trafficker doesn’t take any of them. But she starts to get worried that they haven’t come to find her yet. She devises a plan to break them out. This isn’t going to end bad at all. And it doesn’t as she is caught.

Mike is able to get Paige out of the motel but against her wishes. She wanted to save Lina and the other girls but Mike can’t do it because the trafficking is the only link to Carlito and the buses. And since Carlito is in the wind, he needs the trafficking to pull him out. What you would think would be a happy reunion is anything but. Paige is now angry with Mike for pulling her out.

Mike thinks that he found the rat who told Carlito about the bust but he found out in a bad way when Lawrence is found shot to death in his apartment. The lead detective, Sid Marham, is there looking at the scene. Mike believes that Markham or his right hand man Garrett are the rats that told Carlito. Would make sense considering they have a lot of pull with the police.

In other news, Jessica wants Mike to return back to DC but he’s reluctant. No doubt that he feels at home in Graceland and his relationship with Paige could also be why. Paige starts to question why she is at Graceland (which is understandable considering Mike and Brigg’s attention on bringing Carlito down).

In the next episode, Briggs goes under cover to get intel on Markham and Paige becomes a vigilante as tries and take down the men who take the girls from the motel.

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