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“Graceland” 2x5 - Both Johnny and Jakes get a surprise they aren’t ready for

In last week’s episode, Mike is desperate to get the drugs and guns that he thinks are on the bus but sees that maybe he’s chasing the wrong one.

In this week’s episode, titled “H-A-Double P-Y”, someone leaks information about Mike’s big case while Paige finds herself knee deep in trouble in her case.

In this week’s episode, titled “H-A-Double P-Y”, someone leaks information about Mike’s big case while Paige finds herself knee deep in trouble in her case.

Johnny walks in on some trouble as Carlito is fighting with Lucia and Johnny intervenes as he helps Lucia but of course this causes a rift between Johnny and Carlito. While Johnny thinks he ruined his chance to get Carlito, things get complicated when he learns that Carlito has feelings for him. Certainly a twist you didn’t see coming.

Johnny uses Carlito’s feelings against him to talk him into working together to get the pickup. Lucia talks with Johnny about his relationship with Carlito before making a move on him.

Jess tells Mike that they only have a week before the job is being pulled from him. She says they are going all in to try and get as much contraband as they can and they know they won’t be able to get Carlito in the end.

When Jess pulls the group for Paige’s sex trafficking stink, Paige takes it personal because Mike was sleeping with her. She tells Mike to do everything he can (including hinting at sleeping with Jess) to get her group back. It works she agrees but Mike can’t sleep with Jess because he cares about Paige too much.

Paige continues on with the investigation with only Jakes as back-up (pulling what she calls a ‘Mike’ on Mike). As we know from Mike’s history, he used to go and do things on his own accord during Season 1.

Paige goes on the bus and meets with the new Tinkerbell, Anika. Things get complicated when one of the bags breaks inside Anika causing her seizure and die. Paige takes Anika’s place thinking that Jakes would know, but he was too busy getting arrested to hear her do that.

The operation doesn’t go according to plan for mike as Carlito gets a tip to stay away from the bus station and Mike gets to watch it explode, destroying all the contraband. Mike is convinced that there is a leak in the FBI and takes the boss of the bus station to question him.

In other news, Paige is starting to realize that once the case is over, Mike might be leaving her to go back to DC. Things get really complicated for Mike as Jess shows up to help with the case thus making it very awkward for Mike. Jakes meets up with the hooker from the other night, Romana (guest star Lindsey Haun, True Blood) and helps her clean up. She helps bond with his son Daniel, when he shows up unexpectedly at his house.

In the next episode, Paige finds herself in trouble as the group comes together to try and figure out where she is.

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