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“Graceland” 2x4 - Charlie eases her guilt while time is running out for Mike

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In last week’s episode, the pressure starts to get to Mike as the timeline starts to cut down. Johnny finds himself in trouble with Carlito as they try and take him out.

In this week’s episode, titled “Magic Numbers”, Mike is desperate to get the drugs and guns that he thinks are on the bus but sees that maybe he’s chasing the wrong one.

Mike uses DJ to go under cover as a bus repair man to get an in with the bus location. But this is going to prove more difficult then it looks on the surface. Thankfully DJ is able to get the job.

DJ finds out that the bus line 118 is the line that gets special attention. But as they investiagate the bus they come up empty. But DJ has done a good job at getting in the bosses good graces that he earned his trust and was able to find out how Carlito is smuggling the drugs.

Meanwhile, Johnny is still working under cover near Carlito to try and get as much information as possible. He finds a safe in his house which will most likely hold some valuable stuff in there. We see that Carlito has little to no emotions for others and this will certainly be a problem in the future.

Paige is working on finding the Tinkerbells and she thinks that she stumbled onto something big. Sex trafficking. She thinks that the girls are chosen so that they can be sold. With the help of Johnny, she is able to arrest a woman that is running a house that sells girls but obviously the woman lawyer up. The woman ends up making a deal and she offers information about a girl that came a year earlier asking for help. Could this girl have been the start of the sex trafficking?

Jess takes heat from FBI at DC for the buses. She puts herself out on a limb for Mike because she believes that he’s on to something.

Charlie is so desperate to help Kelly that she tries to hard to make things right that it might risk her job. Briggs is not one to let her do something like this on her own so he says he will help her. The trick is to make her informant and gets 10% of the money, a little more then she deserves but enough for help. Though the plan backfired as Kelly has to now admit that Juan is dead.

In other news, DJ is working on trying to get visitation rights so that he can see his son but the lack of success causes him to fall deeper down the rabbit hole. Paige and Mike continue to try and keep their developing relationship a secret from the house. Kelly tells Briggs that she can’t the money from his death because there is no body. Of course Briggs can’t settle for that.

In the next episode, someone leaks information about Mike’s big case while Paige finds herself knee deep in trouble in her case.

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