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“Graceland” 2x2 - Briggs makes a bold move, while the tape makes a return

In last week’s episode, Mike returns back to Graceland and takes over the head of the house as he tries to take down a new enemy.

In this week’s episode, titled “Connects”, Mike makes a bold move as he sends Briggs down to Mexico to meet with Caza causing Charlie to lash out at him.

In this week’s episode, titled “Connects”, Mike makes a bold move as he sends Briggs down to Mexico to meet with Caza causing Charlie to lash out at him.

While Mike may be in charge of Graceland now, Briggs still shows that he won’t be told what to do. He tells Mike he’s going to connect with his contacts in Mexico to try and find out who put the hit out on him. Of course we all know that Charlie is not going to be happy about that. When she does find out, she just about rips Mike’s head off because she thinks he’s the one that sent him down there.

When Briggs gets to Mexico, he meets with what looks like is the leader of the Caza cartel, Almos. They talk and Briggs brings him a deal. He will have the FBI back off some if he gets him the name of the person setting up the hit against Mike. Ramos agrees. By the end of the show, they find out who put the hit on Mike. His name is Carlos Salanto.

The group gets to work on a new case which involve taking down Carlos by using his son Carlito. Charlie is going to go undercover and try and seduce him as a way to get in.

Meanwhile, Paige works on a case that she’s been working on for the past four months. She’s a little bitter at Mike because now she has to give it up to work on his case. Of course she would be angry because she hates giving up cases.

As we have seen from experience, Mike doesn’t like it when people are mad at him, especially Paige, so he helps her with her case.

DJ gets caught trying to move out by the perhaps the worst person possible, Johnny. DJ is leaving Graceland to try and reconnect with his son, Daniel. Of course, this is going to be a sad departure for the members of the house, but it is what he wants so they should come around to accepting it. Though the reunion does not go according to plan as Cassandra puts a restraining order against him.

Charlie/Briggs fight over his decision to go see Caza without telling her. He confronts her about her late night rendezvous and see the case she’s been working on. It’s watching Juan’s wife, Kelly (guest star Brianna Brown, General Hospital). Charlie thinks that she’s investigating more but it turns out she’s just watching his wife because she feels guilty for Jangles killing Juan. Briggs doesn’t want Charlie living with that guilt (because Kelly started drinking after being sober for 10 years) so he tries to help her.

That video tape makes a return as the kids who took it from the record store play it in front of their dad. It’s really unclear if the father thinks it’s something, but he did save it in his glove department.

Things look to be heating up between Mike and Paige again, despite the fact that he’s still talking to Jess from DC. Looks like Mike is playing the field but of course someone is going to get hurt.

In next week’s episode, the pressure starts to get to Mike as the timeline starts to cut down. Johnny finds himself in trouble with Carlito as they try and take him out.

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