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“Graceland” 2x12 - Mikes stops at nothing to take down Sid and Carlito

In last week’s episode, Briggs is trying to find the source of the call and he thinks that it’s Mike which looks like it leads to a major showdown between the two of them.

In this week’s episode, titled “Echoes Pt 1”, Sid and Mike have a big confrontation as Briggs deals with the consequences of his actions.
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In this week’s episode, titled “Echoes Pt 1”, Sid and Mike have a big confrontation as Briggs deals with the consequences of his actions.

Mike is riding a high thinking that he has the case in the bag, but DJ and Johnny know that it won’t be that simple to take down Sid and Carlito. He continues to hit dead ends as Amber is gone now with the money. Charlie has to try and find her but that doesn’t turn out the way that she expected it to.

DJ and Johnny get ready for the drop with Carlito Sr. but Johnny is distracted with Lucia and of course it’s up to DJ to clean up his mess.

Carlito Jr. is still angry about what happened with him an his father and it forces him to make a move that will throw a wrench in the plan.

Sid turns the table on Mike but the FBI know that they were looking at Sid. Mike’s CO demands that he gets Sid because Sid will create Hell for them the longer that he’s free. It of course leads to a fight between the two of them which Mike’s CO sees (wouldn’t be a surprise if Sid egged him on purpose to get him to punch him).

He proves that he’s a harder man to take down then Bello last year. He is able to break into Graceland and find out the truth about Briggs and Paige. This isn’t good going into the final mission. He’s sure to go after Briggs and take him out.

Briggs begs Charlie for forgiveness but she doesn’t. She’s more mad at him for lying then for what he did. Can’t blame her considering all the opportunities that she gave him to come clean. It’s going to be a big up hill climb for him but he will for her and for their child.

Charlie makes a bold move as she gives Mike the tape. He listens and realizes that this is the tape that he was looking for last year. She tells Mike that she’s leaving after the case is done because she’s pregnant. She asks him to make a decision about whether or not to turn Briggs in. He says that he will help her.

Paige is now convinced that Mike is responsible for Lena. Her hunch is dead on but no one thinks that Mike is capable of doing. How little do they know him. She confronts him in an indirect way and she doesn’t get what she wants. She tells him she wants him gone.

Things make an interesting turn when someone from Immigration calls her about an APB on Lena. Turns out to be Lena’s sister. She said that she came here because of a letter that Lena sent to her about running away (which obviously confuses Paige and her theory). She knows there’s something off and she’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

In the next episode, it’s the season 2 finale and Briggs tries to unite Graceland as they try and come together so that they can survive the mission.

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