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“Graceland” 2x11 - Briggs gets desperate to find that tape

In last week’s episode, things get complicated as the police move in on the trafficking building and it might lead to Mike getting killed.

In this week’s episode, titled “Home”, Briggs is trying to find the source of the call and he thinks that it’s Mike which looks like it leads to a major showdown between the two of them.

In this week’s episode, titled “Home”, Briggs is trying to find the source of the call and he thinks that it’s Mike which looks like it leads to a major showdown between the two of them.

We pick up right where we left off with Briggs listening to the tape. Charlie knows that something is off. Briggs knows that he needs to find that tape before it gets worse for him. Especially since Charlie is pregnant. He enlists the help of DJ.

Mike is still upset with Briggs for what happened at the house. Mike wants to put more pressure on Sid. After visiting with Sid, he becomes convinced that it’s Mike that has the tape. DJ gets fed up and tells him that he’s done helping him.

Briggs does just that. He goes to see Sid to try and get some answers. Not just for Mike but for him about the tape.

Charlie makes her special sauce to try and bring the house together but instead it drives them further apart. Secrets come out including Mike’s vendetta against Sid, Johnny’s tryst with Lucia, Charlie helping Kelly Badilla, and arguments of things held in. During all this, Charlie gets some bad news as she learns that the bank job is cancelled (because Briggs moved a movie location to in front of the bank).

Briggs comes up with another idea to go during the day and have Graceland crew be the bank crew. That way no hostages get hurt and they get what they want. Mike tells Charlie that he doesn’t want Briggs in the crew and she agrees. But in the end he has to help because they need bodies.

Guilt continues to eat at Briggs that he has a dream that he kills Mike to protect the tape. Charlie tells Briggs that she’s worried but obviously Briggs tries to put her mind at ease. His desperation to be there for her is causing him to put up blinders.

Briggs makes a bold move as he asks to have Mike taken out of the heist. This of course alerts her to pay attention to Mike. It works as Mike almost gets killed but right before he does Briggs gets another call about the recording and he knows that Mike isn’t the one that’s taunting him.

Mike is feeling victorious as he knows that he made a good chess move against Sid. Sid appears not to be worried but it’s obvious that he doesn’t like that all his money is now on hold.

Johnny is desperate to get to Lucia and help her but DJ makes him see that by him falling for Lucia, he may have screwed up the case.

Paige is still skeptical of Mike and what happened with Lena. The truth is going to come out eventually and when she finds out she’s gonna be MAD.

By the end of the show, we find out who it was that was making the calls. It was none other then Charlie. It looks like Sid’s lackey didn’t call Sid with the tape but her. She tried to get Briggs to confess to her what he did but he never did. She is so angry with him for hiding it and almost killing Mike that she tells him that they are done.

Obviously Briggs has a lot of making up to do if he even wants a chance in his kid’s life. It’s going to take even more to stand a second chance to get back with Charlie.

In the next episode, Sid and Mike have a big confrontation as Briggs deals with the consequences of his actions.

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