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“Graceland” 2x10-Paige gets suspicious and Briggs learns the truth about Charlie

In last week’s episode, Mike’s mission to save the girls looks to fail and it seems like Briggs might be to blame for it.

In this week’s episode, titled “The Head of the Pig”, things get complicated as the police move in on the trafficking building and it might lead to Mike getting killed.
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In this week’s episode, titled “The Head of the Pig”, things get complicated as the police move in on the trafficking building and it might lead to Mike getting killed.

DJ helps Johnny with his attempt to get in with Carlito. Carlito Jr is doing everything in his power to try and undermine Johnny because he’s not happy that Carlito Sr. is using Johnny’s advice. But things aren’t going well because his plan looks like it won’t work. Johnny and DJ have to come up with another way to help Carlito Sr. but he won’t get that opportunity as Carlito Sr. kicks him out.

But it looks like Carlito Sr. is not going to be happy with Jr. as he gets a call from Sid about Jr. going behind his back and lying ot him which is good news for Johnny because it puts him back in the driver seat. No doubt though that Jr. is gonna be out for Johnny’s head. They find a successful way to help Carlito and it forces Johnny to come back to the states.

Lucia is worried about Johnny’s safety that she tells him to leave. OF course, Johnny can’t because he has to stay for the job.

Briggs is starting to get isolated with the police department after Sid listens to the tape of Briggs killing someone.

Mike is still working the case almost at the point of desperation trying to get Carlito. Paige, on the other hands wants to shut Sallo down that she’s asking Briggs for help.

Paige is trying to find Lena but is finding no success (which we all know why). But she is suspicious that Mike is not telling the truth. He brings Paige in to the station to try and get her to get information on Sid.

Paige pulls ‘A MIKE’ on Mike as she convinces him to come home for the night so that Briggs can have Sid shut down Sallo. Nothing can go wrong with this right? Right because sure enough five minutes later Johnny unknowingly ruins Paige’s plans as he tells Mike about Sid going to take down Sallo. With no Sallo there is no Carlito which means Mike is in the middle and in trouble with Sid.

There is a bit of a shoot out at the house and Mike is unable to save Sallo as Sid takes him out but Paige gets what she wants as the girls are saved. Mike is obviously upset about losing Sallo but Paige and Briggs try to make him see that it’s a good thing because the girls are safe and now Briggs is in with Sid. Of course, Briggs and Paige don’t tell him the truth that it was all a set up but they are right. It could be worse.

Charlie is working on trying to get in the bank.

The end of the show is very interesting as Briggs gets a mysterious call from someone who is playing the tape. Now it’s going to be a question of who it is that’s playing. Money is on Sid using that as a power ploy over Briggs.

In other news, Briggs sees Charlie’s pregnancy test and that it’s positive. Come on show of hands, who saw that coming? And Briggs wants to keep it.

In the next episode, Briggs is trying to find the source of the call and he thinks that it’s Mike which looks like it leads to a major showdown between the two of them.

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