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“Graceland” 2x1 - Mike returns to try and make a name for himself

Season 1 brought us a lot of action and drama that will certainly carry over into this season. Briggs was pushed to the edge and almost fell over before Mike came to save the day and take out Jangles before he killed Briggs and Charlie. But of course, Briggs has his own actions that have yet to get their consequences. That recording of him killing Juan is now in the hand of a some teenagers so it will be interesting to see how that plays out. Mike’s taking over as head of the house is going to cause a lot of friction between the rest of the group and him (especially him and Briggs). Mike is too straight laced and will not put up with exceptions like Briggs did. So strap yourself in as the roller coaster ride begins.

In the season 2 premiere, titled “The Line”, Mike returns back to Graceland and takes over the head of the house as he tries to take down a new enemy.

In the season 2 premiere, titled “The Line”, Mike returns back to Graceland and takes over the head of the house as he tries to take down a new enemy.

It looks like Mike is already in trouble as the Caza cartel is looking for him. Mike of course is working in DC trying to make a name for himself there but its proving harder then he thought it would be.

Briggs calls Mike with some bad news, or perhaps good news, as he talks Mike to come back to Graceland so that they can use him as bait against the Caza Cartel. When Mike returns, he quickly sees that it’s not the same Graceland he left behind a few months earlier. DJ is in a crazy good mood and Briggs is laying low and staying away from alcohol and partying. Briggs and Charlie are dating and there is a new agent from the DEA who took Mike’s place.

After a failed attempt to try and draw out the Caza, Mike puts his foot in his mouth with the rest of the house as he acts all high and mighty against the rest of the house. Mike admits to Paige that he’s just trying to get back on the ‘rock star’ status he had with the DC people. Which of course means that he’s going to be a little pushy and angry when things don’t go the way he wants. Instead of stepping back and letting Briggs do what he does best, he surges forward causing more friction in the house.

Caza call and prove why they are so hard to get as they kidnap Mike right under Brigg’s nose. They take Mike to one of their safe houses where they start torturing him and asking him about “The Line”. And he learns that the line is a bus line. Further investigation and they realize that it was 2 fresh recruits using methods they don’t usually use. Obviously it’s not Caza.

Mike finally gets his chance to shine for the FBI as he gets his case and team (the Graceland team) and works his bus theory. Too bad that no one else is as happy about it.

Charlie is working in a tattoo operation under cover trying to get people to open up to her, while also staking out a woman named Kelly Badillo (this one seems to be off the records). DJ’s secret about why he’s so happy is revealed as we see that he’s getting his son back (not really clear if it’s full time or part time).

There is still no word on how the video tape is going to play into effect yet. Probably something that will surface throughout the season. But Mike certainly is not making any friends with his old friends as they are not liking that how he’s perceiving himself right now (him thinking that he’s better then everyone else). The one friend/person he can talk to is Paige and it’s only so long she can put up with it before she snaps at him too.

In next week’s episode, Mike makes a bold move as he sends Briggs down to Mexico to meet with Caza causing Charlie to lash out at him.

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