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Grace: Why Joseph Prince is so popular

The thriving world of grace
The thriving world of grace
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Unconditional forgiveness of sins, unconditional favor, and unconditional love from God is the message that Joseph Prince preaches. Prince portrays God as one who wants to lavish men, women, and children with gifts. Gifts that have no strings attached. This merciful personality that God has, according to Prince, is attracting millions of people around the world to his ministry.

In a world where people constantly feel the pressure and grind to perform to achieve love and affection from those around them, Prince’s message has a huge appeal. God just wants to love people. People do not have to do something to earn God’s affection; it is free.

This is pure unadulterated unconditional love and affection. Many people throughout history have tried to block the path to God with rituals and personal sacrifice. The message of Jesus Christ is that he made a sacrifice that man could not do himself. Mankind does not have to depend on his performance, but can “rest in the finished work of Jesus Christ” Prince says.

That kind of relationship with Jesus Christ continues to attract people to Prince’s New Creation Church in Singapore. New Creation is a fitting name, because those who believe that God loves them unconditionally now have the ability to love those around them unconditionally. This kind of love leads to a level of intimacy that leads to fulfilling and rewarding relationships.