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Grace for the disgraced


  • P.M. Hughley 6 years ago

    Not only do the 'disgraced' show us the power of God, sometimes we get out of hand and God will allow a disgracing incident to happen in order to put us back in step! Great article, Mike!

  • Jim W. 6 years ago

    I find the jist of this article to be at odds with this same author's article about James Mammone III. Should not James Mammone III be granted the same grace as others according to this article? Maybe I am wrong.

  • Ms. White 6 years ago

    Good job!!!! This article makes you think ummm.......

  • B. W. Reeves 6 years ago

    I respectfully disagree with Jim W. I believe the conclusion of both articles is the same. Both individuals are offered the same grace as the thief on the cross: Having recieved forgivness from the Lord, he then lost the life his actions caused him to lose.

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