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Grabbed cooking attention with expertise

The end of the month for creative, but step- by- step cooking is working with very prepared sauces. A little cooking sauce pan is perfect for working with (3) different sauces that are going to be the main dish sauce(1), and (2) sauce is to add at the end of the meal. The (3)rd sauce is with the side to finish last.

The meal portions for the step- by- step cooking is salmon. Start a filet of salmon half-well baked to golden brown, cook in a cooking bag to keep all the juices with the salmon. When finished filet cut in 3 portions. One portion will have the (1)st sauce. The second portion is going to be breaded.

Take your shaker bag and add Italian breaded crumbs and mix and shake (2)nd portion. (3)rd portion is going to have butter herb based dipped to it. This is a salmon-filet sauced dish. The dish has Omega 3's with (3)rd portions of minerals and vitamins. The (3)rd portion has a light creamed asparagus with blended chives to serve.

The centerpiece dish is light small crescents. Try Pillsbury crescent dough for small crescents. Also add to the centerpiece (2) small dish serving plates, a etiquette of a light olive oil added to the centerpiece dish. The guests will grab the attention of a bay dinner. Add a small appetizer dish of minced clams to your centerpiece.

This step-by-step cooking is a one hour of enjoyment and showing cooking appreciation for the reward of grabbed attention. The trade secret sauces are, which if you choose to tell the guests. It is the olive oil with chives, (1) and (2) is lemon butter sauce, and (3) garlic oil with minced onion sauce.

Watch the video on flavors with cooking.

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