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Grab your amigos and head to Dos Rios

Time to head to Margarita-ville!
Time to head to Margarita-ville!

Its the middle of the week, and it certainly is warmer than what it has been, but its a dreary week. Cloudy and wet, and just kind of...blah. You can beat the mid-week blues by getting some friends together, and heading down tonight to Dos Rios on Court.

Whether you are in the mood for some margaritas, some carne asada tacos, or a fun atmosphere to kick back after work, Dos Rios is an excellent apres-work choice. The atmosphere is upscale, but the menu prices are not. Most appetizers are under $10, and most entrees under $20. A good appetizer choice is the live guacamole, which is made fresh at your table, and is large enough for a few people to share.

Wednesday night at Dos Rios also features "Wine Down Wednesday," which means all wine bottles are half price! Its a great chance to enjoy some good drinks with good friends--AND get some good flirting in at the same time! If you sit on the bar side, its usually chock-full of good looking singles who are looking to mingle. Get a high top table if you have a bigger group, or if its just you and a couple pals, a seat at the bar works just as well. Of course, a table with a couple empty spots does work well for those two cute businessmen that are eyeing you and your friend!

So tonight, instead of having another boring dinner in front of the tv (I know, American Idol is on, but you can DVR it, right?) grab your amigos, and head to Dos Rios for food, drinks, and flirty fun!