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Grab a healthy snack and say ‘yes’ to ‘Fitness’

Healthy Snacks
Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacking at office is the easiest way to keep fit and make your stomach happy.

Every day when you start from home, you may set a number of targets to eat less and burn more calories for yourself, but in reality, you hardly succeed to reach the targets. After a long day of monotony as you sit at the same place for hours or work overload, you tend to eat more and unhealthy too. You go out and buy anything sumptuous you see in front of your eyes. This causes you extra pounds of weight and hence an unmanageable figure which often depresses you.

Now, here we come with some excellent ideas of healthy snacking, tasty, very easily available, very portable and obviously of least calories.

  • Fruits – an apple, a banana, a pear, an orange, some green grapes or some papaya – fruits have always been a great alternative to get a great healthy life. Each of these fruits would hardly have 70-90 calories and the juicy fruity snack of the day makes you happy from inside and brings freshness to your mood. Fruits are high in nutritional value and can do wonders for your skin and hair both.
  • Sugar free whole grain cookies – these are healthy, easy to carry and any time you feel hungry, you can take up one and can have it without any feeling of cheating your diet schedule. One cookie has 40-50 calories.
  • Egg white – having egg white as a healthy snack is one of the best options available. They are stomach filling, tasty and have low calorie content. It is a treasure of good protein. Two egg whites make only 70 calories, which is easily consumable. With a pinch of black salt and black pepper, your tasty snack is ready for you to step forward in your healthy life.
  • Peanuts and other dry fruits – a couple of peanuts every day is a doctor’s choice. It has a good amount of protein as well as fat. It is holy for your skin and hair. It makes your IQ sharper and lastly, it is very tasty to encourage an unhealthy snacker to switch to a healthy snack. In office, carrying peanuts is easy, they do not smell bad and so there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Raisins coupled with peanuts can also be great; but a big No to cashews.

Other than the above list, you may also have popcorns, almonds, instant oatmeal, some sugar free juice and other specialized diets. So, leave your worries behind and go forward with these great snacking ideas at office.

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