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GR8RJax™ Feng Shui

As you contemplate how best to carry out your Chinese New Years resolutions, consider an old-timey Florida way to clean house.

People have used herbal remedies, lotions and potions and sacred objects to ward off bad luck – sometimes called "evil" – since the beginning of human history.

The Far East has Feng Shui.

GR8RJax™ has hoodoo.

Know your hoodoo

Hoodoo is not, repeat N-O-T, witchcraft.

Unlike the related practices of voodoo and Santeria, religious rites that come into the New World out of west Africa through the Caribbean, hoodoo is Southern practical folk magic that uses roots, herbs, charms, powders and spiritual energy to bring luck.

Good and bad luck.

People have used herbal remedies, lotions and potions and sacred objects to ward off bad luck – sometimes called "evil" – since the beginning of human history.

Hoodoo is still practiced in the rural southeast, in particular along the Gulf Coast, in South Carolina and right here in northeast Florida.

Like Feng Shui masters, hoodoo practitioners work with clients to re-orient energies to cleanse the psychic and physical atmosphere around them by growing natural cures for what ails us.

Most hoodoo cures use simple rituals, like placing prescribed objects in specific corners of a room to keep out the bad and welcome in the good.

How do I find a practitioner?

You’re right – it’s not as easy as finding a Feng Shui master.

First, you need to know what to call one.

Some call themselves Hoodoo. Others use ‘root worker’ or ‘juju.’

It may be fairer to say that a juju finds you.

Once you start looking, you become known.

Your Examiner knows of two jujus who practice in the Greater Jacksonville area.

One, Mama Jones, lives in Tampa.

She’s one of the more famous jujus and has been profiled in Weird Florida, in many other publications and on web sites.

When you get to Tampa, be thinking of her.

You’ll find her, and she can tell you when and where your consultation will be.

Another Florida juju is Dr. Cristos Kioni, who practices out of Port St. John, south of Titusville.

Dr. Kioni has been in the news recently, having had to explain a certain graveyard rite in Cocoa in December 2012.

Like Mama Jones, he is a master practitioner and versed in several forms of Hoodoo as well as Afro-Caribbean religions.

He’s a little more high-tech.

You’ll want to bone up on his FAQ on YouTube.

He also runs “Hoodoo University” and offers courses in Hoodoo-based money management.

Yep, there are fees

Jujus have a price list the same way a health food store or a drug store does.

What you pay depends on what you want, what you actually need and what you and your practitioner agree constitutes success.

Like focusing your chi with Feng Shui, hoodoo cures, while mostly simple in form, can be complex in outcome.

Be patient – and not just because you already half-way believe that Feng Shui works.

Maybe magic brewed closer to home works even better.


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OFFICIAL BIO: K Truitt is a second-generation, native Floridian born in Jacksonville. Truitt worked in public higher education for 25 years and knows newspaper publishing, printing and graphic design. Contact:

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