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GQ cover: Land's End customers outraged over freebie with topless cover

Land’s End customers who spent more than $100 were treated to magazines as a thank-you from the company, but it appears this promotional giveaway was not thought out very well. The GQ Magazines that are showing up in Land’s End customer mailboxes this month have a topless Emily Ratajkowski on the cover, with her breasts covered only by an Hawaiian lei, reports MSN News on Aug. 14.

Emily Ratajkowski topless is on GQ Magazine cover and Land's End sent the magazine to their customers as a thank-you gift sparking uproar.

Many of Land’s End customers who shopped for their families are outraged over what they are calling “pornography” showing up in their mailboxes, when referring to the GQ Magazine. This is considered a “wholesome” and “family oriented” company that ended up “exposing their kid’s to pornography,” writes one disgruntled customer.

There is plenty more where he came from on the Land’s End Facebook account where people virtually congregated to express their disdain for Land’s End’s unwanted freebies, reports Fox News today.

One family who purchased school uniforms for their kids thinks this is a real slap in the face when it comes to rewarding their loyal customer base. Another customer writes, “You sold my home address to a magazine company that peddles in soft-porn for men???”

Not only was the magazine screaming soft porn for the Land’s End customers, but many wondered why this so-called thank-you gift catered to just men. Land’s end plan just plain backfired. One woman wrote how her 14-year-old son brought in the mail and he was quite "disturbed" and "fascinated" by “a gift Land’s End sent us.” She calls on to call it an “OBSCENE cover.” Fascinated sounds about right, but this disturbing a 14-year-

The magazine giveaway is part of a deal that Land’s End struck with Conde’ Nast, a magazine publisher. GQ wasn’t the only magazine sent out to homes, in the past Glamour, Vogue and Self magazines went out as a thank-you gift. It was the GQ magazine that was a bad choice for the type of customer that Land’s End prides themselves for.

The Conde’ Nast Traveler will be the magazine that will be sent instead of GQ. This was revealed in an apology issued by Land’s End directed at their customers getting the GQ thank you gift.

Besides passing along their “most sincere apologies,” they promised to work more closely with the magazine publisher on the choices sent to their customers. While the outrage over the cover was brewing there were some that were happy to get the free magazine, even with the topless actress on the cover.

It’s too bad that Land’s End didn’t leave the choice up to the customer about what kind of magazine would be sent to them. This way there’s no chance of offending a soul!

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