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Gozer’s southern metal mayhem at Phil’s Radiator

Gozer’s southern metal mayhem at Phil’s Radiator.
Gozer’s southern metal mayhem at Phil’s Radiator.
Sean Beeman

Gozer brought their southern metal inspired sounds to Phil’s Radiator, on Feb. 21. They were the opening act, along with Death By Cemetery. Burns Like Hell was the direct support and Sally Majestic was the headliner.

Gozer’s southern metal mayhem at Phil’s Radiator.
Sareth Ney

Mike Sword and Robin Trujillo are the guitarists, Brandon Benoit is the keyboardist, Nate Emery is the drummer, Steve Casey is the bassist and Alex Vargas-Lobato is the vocalist for Gozer.

Vargas-Lobato greeted the crowd and thanked everyone for attending, before “Gozer”. He went onto say he hoped Gozer’s performance would cause the crowd to go crazy. Then—he wished Burns Like Hell’s drummer, Joe Vigil, a happy birthday. After he sang some of the lyrics, Sword unleashed a guitar solo of his own. Later, they brought the tempo down and ended the song.

Without taking a break—Emery struck his drums, while Sword and Trujillo let their guitars screech through the monitors. Vargas-Lobato spoke over the instrumental and encouraged the audience to occupy the open space near the front of the stage, before he provided the vocals for “Buffalo”. During the song—he jumped into the general admission area, sang and walked around where there was room. As Casey and Benoit played their instruments, they head banged with the music.

Prior to “In The Hollow”—Vargas-Lobato said if the onlookers were not moshing, he wanted them to head bang instead. He looked over to Benoit and asked him for a beat. He pushed a button and he danced robotically behind his keyboard. As they began to play, a young fan walked up and stood next to the stage. He continued to head bang with Gozer. Vargas-Lobato took notice. He head banged along with him and provided the vocals. Then, Sword and Vargas-Lobato jumped into the pit and moshed with the fans.

Before the start of “Stretch Nutz”, Vargas-Lobato stated he would attempt to grab a beverage and perform. As Gozer began with an instrumental, he walked over to the bar and ordered himself one. Then—Trujillo made his way off stage, walked into the men’s bathroom, walked back on stage and kept the music going.

“Thrash Browns” soon followed and Vargas-Lobato complimented his wireless microphone and said how refreshing it was to have one. Shortly after, he mentioned “Ashes” would be the last song and invited the attendees to come closer. Afterwards, Benoit saluted the crowd and the guitars screeched one last time.

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