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Governors Blow Smoke At Conference Concerning Legalizing Marijuana

Governors Blow Smoke At Conference Concerning Legalizing Marijuana
Governors Blow Smoke At Conference Concerning Legalizing Marijuana

In Washington this weekend, a meeting of our state leaders took place. One of the major topics was the legalization of marijuana medical or otherwise. The Governors of Colorado and Washington were the targets of many questions and discussions. Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado was telling everyone that yes early projections of tax revenue of marijuana is going to exceed all his states dreams but that all the facts are not in. So his advice was don't go jumping on the bandwagon as of yet. Governor Jay Inslee of Washington stated that all is going well with the early stages of implementation of his states new marijuana laws. He also went on to tell others to follow their voters wishes. If the voters are leaning toward legalization or even just legalization of medical marijuana, to listen them.

In twenty states medical marijuana is legal. In November Florida will decide on an amendment to legalize medical marijuana. Others could be following suit as to whether to vote on the legalization of the plant.

Major concerns expressed by many of the Governors was if legalization did occur in their states what effect would it have on children and safety. Some states mentioned that they already have a high drug use in their major cities amongst minors and that legalizing it might raise that concern. Another thought was for the safety to others who don't smoke.

If we are to listen to our President, he speaks of marijuana as being less a problem than alcohol. So what are we to believe.

Yes, all this talk of legalization has come at a very quick pace. The legalization of medical marijuana should be allowed since the use of the plant in most cases is not for the THC content but for the CBD effects that it has on patients who could use it.

This is a topic that for the next several years will be the discussion of many meetings. Yes, we all should be monitoring the two states of Washington and Colorado as to the legalized pot and pass some legislation to help those with cancer, glaucoma and other diseases that medical marijuana could help. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to