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Governor Snyder deserves reelection

Governor Snyder deserves reelection. The upcoming Midterm election will provide plenty of political theater. Michigan will elect a new U.S. Senator and Governor Snyder is seeking a second term. When Snyder was elected in 2010, the unemployment rate was 13%. It has since dropped to 9%. It is still higher than the national average but far less than it was under the incomparably incompetent Jennifer Granholm where Michigan had the highest unemployment rate for nearly five years. Snyder also has inherited a $2 billion deficit but now the state has a $1 billion surplus in less than four years.

Governor Snyder’s assumed opponent is former congressman and state legislator Mark Schauer. Schauer has been featured on an ad blitz funded by Democrat Governors. The ads don’t list Schauer’s qualifications. He has none. When he was in Congress he voted for Obamacare, automatic job killer and the stimulus package, which drove unemployment to 10%.

Schauer was involved in a physical altercation with police when the legislature was passing the Right to Work law in Lansing in 2012. He may not have been directly involved in destroying vendor displays for the Right to Work proponents but he was an enabling accomplice. Now he wants the same police force to provide security detail for him? No, thank you.

He’s union hack. That’s why he was involved in the skirmishes. His ads highlight the tired Democrat cliché, a middle class economy. Entrepreneurs like Governor Snyder who was a principal at Gateway Computer build an economy so the middle class thrives because of that entrepreneur. Middle class incomes have been dropping since Obama took office.

Schauer would be a redo of ‘Governor Grabhold.’ He has never had a real job in the private sector. What Democrat has? Before he was in elected office, he was a community organizer. Sound familiar? Like Granholm, he knows nothing of creating wealth.

Snyder may not be the most electrifying speaker. He admits he’s a nerd. He gets the job done. He deserves another four years.

Final Thought: Schauer can follow the path of another community organizer and become a hideous comedy actor.

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