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Governor signs assembly bill 260 into law

Governor Doyle signed into law AB 260 which reverses the Wood v. City of Madison  Wis. Supreme Court case from 2003. 

This bill will now prohibit cities and villages from denying plats within the extraterritorial areas of cities and villages on the basis of land use.  Cities and villages still retain their extraterritorial authority to approve or disapprove plats but according to AB 260, they will not be able to deny the plat based upon proposed land use. 

"Hopefully this may push cities and villages to start discussing boundary agreements and cooperative plans again," says Wisconsin Towns Association Executive Director Richard Stadelman.

The Governor also signed SB 172  which requires that unanimous annexations must be contiguous to the city or village. 

"This bill was amended from the original bill draft to get the League of Municipalities and Alliance of Cities to support it," said Stadelman. "We had to delete the town's legal standing to challenge if the unanimous annexation is not contiguous."

Stadelman adds, "We want to thank Senators Pat Kreitlow and Rep. Jeff Smith (lead authors of AB 260) and Sen. Jim Holperin and Rep. Andy Jorgensen  (lead authors of SB 172) for their outstanding efforts to pass and get these bills signed."
"I also want to thank everyone who appeared at hearings over the last year on these bills;  called legislators to get the bills passed; and those that called the Governor's office.  We needed every bit of this political effort to get these bills passed, but it shows that hard works pays off."
"These were significant bills for towns.  While they don't give towns every protection we may want, they are a step in the right direction."


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