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Governor Rick Scott promises to continue to fight for more Florida jobs

Today, March 4, the Florida Legislature opened its 2014 session. Governor Rick Scott gave his State of the State Speech in the House.

Governor Scott was most proud that since he was elected, about 500,000 new jobs have been created in Florida. He believes that by cutting thousands of regulations and paying off about $3.6 billion in State debt, the state has become more attractive for companies that want to bring jobs to Florida. He said that 24 tax cuts have also helped bring more jobs. And he believes his policies have improved K-12 education. Governor Scott has opposed teacher tenure. He also believes that by holding down college tuition, more people will be encouraged to attend college and pursue higher paying jobs.

One questions that has been raised is the type of jobs that Florida has been creating. Many residents say the jobs are lower paying and offer only parttime situations and few if any benefits.

"I like the idea that more jobs are coming to Florida, but I wish they would pay more. I work two fast food jobs now and they really don't pay much," said Patty Richmond

"I really hope the governor is successful. We need more good jobs in Florida," said Bryan Portman.

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