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Governor Rick Scott promises more jobs to Florida residents

During Governor Rick Scott’s State of the State Speech that will be delivered on March 4 in the Florida House Chamber at the Capitol, Scott will take credit for more job development in Florida. These are a few excerpts from the speech he will deliver. They were contained in a release dated on March 3.

“We have added almost a half a million jobs. Together, we have cut taxes 24 times already. And my hope is that we are about to cut them again, by another $500 million this year. As I tell the hard-working people of Florida as I travel our state, we want you to keep more of the money you earn. Because it’s your money!," said Scott in the excerpt.

Governor Rick Scott said he hopes the state can continue cutting taxes. “And, if we continue to cut taxes on small businesses – by cutting the tax on business leases and rolling back the business tax to now exempt four out of five Florida businesses from paying it. If we do all this, we can make Florida not just the Land of 700,000 New Jobs. We will make Florida the Land of Opportunity,” said Scott in the excerpt.

It is true that Florida as gained more jobs since Governor Rick took office. But the questions is what kind of jobs. Far too many of the jobs that have developed are lower level, low income jobs. There are many minimum wage or close to minimum wage jobs now available. But many of those jobs are part-time and offer no benefits and little chance advancement.

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